Texas Roadhouse Red Sangria Recipe

Sangria is the ultimate summer punch. This classic pitcher drink originates from Spain and Portugal. Today I’d like to share the copycat recipe of the Texas Roadhouse red sangria. This recipe is my humble offering to a sangria-loving world. 

Enjoy this authentic sangria recipe alongside any of your favorite summer dishes. You can pair this drink with an American lamb burger, veggie burger, patatas braves, and salad. Within a short time, you can prepare this easy sangria recipe. 

Texas Roadhouse Red Sangria Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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This classic Spanish cocktail is traditionally made with red wine and brandy. Not a red wine fan? Instead of using red wine, you can also prepare the Texas Roadhouse red sangria recipe with white wine, sparkling wine, or even rose. What fruit goes in sangria? You can use any type of fruit. Try to include at least two kinds of fruits. Add ripe fruits that taste good.  


  • 1 orange (halved and sliced into ¼ inch half-moons)

  • 1 apple (diced them finely)

  • ¼ cup of Brandy or Rum

  • ½ cup of orange liquor (Cointreau, triple sec) 

  • 1 to 2-ounce simple syrup   

  • 1750ml bottle of fruity red wine (Rioja, Merlot, Garnacha, Malbec)

  • Blackberries (Optional)

  • Soda water (Optional)

  • Tools
  • A big pitcher 

  • Wooden spoon 

  • 2 Wine glass

  • Chopping board

  • Knife

  • Measuring cup


  • Diced the apple: Now, wash one green apple and Slice them into small pieces. Then transfer the diced apple to a big pitcher. 
  • Slice the orange: Take one orange and wash them. After washing the oranges, slice them nicely and transfer them to a big pitcher. 
    Slice the orange
  • Smash the apple and orange: Now, with a wooden spoon stir and mash these fruits around a little bit and sort of break them off.  Smash-the-apple-and-orange
  • Add orange liquor and brandy: Now it’s time to add ¼ cup of brandy or Rum and ½ cup of orange liquor. Then mash the fruits again. 
  • Add red wine: Take a 1750ml bottle of fruity red wine and pour them into the pitcher. Then allow the fruits and wine mixture in a refrigerator at least for 4 to 5 hours. 
  •  Taste for sweetness and add simple syrup if desired: After 4 hours, remove the mixture from the refrigerator and taste its sweetness. You can add 1 to 2 ounces of simple syrup if desired.

    For preparing simple syrup, you need to combine ½ cup of sugar with ½ cup of water in a saucepan. Simmer the mixer on the stovetop until the sugar has completely dissolved. Ten cool them and store them in a refrigerator for further use. 
     Taste for sweetness and add simple syrup if desired
  •  Serve the sangria with ice cubes: Now, take a large wine glass and place some ice cubes inside the glass. Then pour the red sangria inside the glass and spoon some of the fruit inside the glass. If you want, you can add some soda water to your sangria.  Serve the sangria with ice cubes

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  • I recommend you, let your sangria chill in the fridge at least for 30 minutes before enjoying it. But it will taste good if you chill them overnight. Because if you give them more time for chilling, the fruits can soak up the alcohol, and all the flavor can come together. Here I recommend some dependable fruits that will work well with sangria. You can use fruits like oranges, apples, peaches, lemons, plums, strawberries, pineapples, grapes, etc. 


This sangria recipe is the perfect way to enjoy the taste of summer all year long. This Sangria is the perfect summer drink! It’s refreshing, fruity, and has just the right amount of sweetness. The best part is that it’s easy to make and can be tailored to your own taste. So whether you like your Sangria on the sweeter side or with a little more kick, this recipe is sure to please.

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