Cactus Cooler Shot Recipe

To have the best summer ever, a cactus cooler shot should be on your summer shopping list. Cactus cooler shot recipe are a perfect summer drink for sunshine and patios. You can enjoy this drink anywhere with your friends and family. 

This drink is refreshing and cool. It will quench your thirst and refresh your feeling. This chilling drink is easy to make. You can surprise your guest with this drink on a hot summer day. 

The cactus cooler is a soft drink which is launched by Canada dry brand. However, these delicious mixed drink recipes are prepared with juicy pineapple and bright orange flavor. Within a few minutes, you can prepare these easy mixed drinks for parties. No matter the occasion, you cannot afford to miss out on this special treat. 

Cactus Cooler Shot Recipe

Cactus Cooler Shot Recipe

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The cactus cooler shot recipe follows the format of other drop shots like Irish car bombs and Jager Bombs. Let me discuss the cooking steps of copycat cactus cooler mixed drink. 


  • 1 cup Ice

  • 1 ½ oz. Orange vodka

  • ½ oz. Peach Schnapps

  • 1 ½ oz. Energy drink

  • ½ oz. Pineapple juice

  • ½ oz. Orange juice

  • Tools
  • Shaker

  • Serving glass

how to make Cactus Cooler Shot

  •  Arrange all the ingredients: Before preparing this cactus cooler recipe to arrange all the ingredients together. This step will make your making process easy and smooth. 
    Arrange all the ingredients
  • Mix all the ingredients: Take a shaker and gradually add all the ingredients. You need to add 1 cup of Ice, 1 ½ oz. Orange vodka, ½ oz. Peach Schnapps, 1 ½ oz. Energy drink, ½ oz. Pineapple juice, and ½ oz. Orange juice.
    Mix all the ingredients
  • Shake ingredients well: Shake all the ingredients until they perfectly mix with each other. 
    Shake ingredients well
  •  Serve the cactus cooler shot: In a glass pour the cactus cooler shot. Now they are ready to serve. 
    Serve the cactus cooler shot

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  • You can also enjoy this drink with lemonade. Lemonade keeps us healthy and able to battle sickness. 
  • You can also change the energy drink, either using a flavored one or skipping it entirely. If you don’t like the flavor of regular energy drinks, you can different fruity flavors like mango, tropical, and orange. This flavor will make a great substitution without creating any clashing flavor.  

Final Thoughts

The cactus cooler shot recipe is the perfect fun drink to enjoy at any party. Like most drinks, there have lots of ways to change it up to your liking. If you want to give this recipe your own twist feel free to play around with the recipe a bit. 

The choice is yours! All you have to do is enjoy your drink. 

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