Mcdonald’s Parfait Recipe

Do you really want to eat some delicious and healthy food to change your taste bud from your usual food habitation? Then, you are really welcome to our blog post on Mcdonald’s parfait recipe, as you have entered your expected place to get a perfect dessert recipe. 

No need to look further! Today I am going to share with you another fabulous recipe I made a few months ago inspired by the  Mcdonald’s parfait. It’s a complete copycat recipe of  Mcdonald’s parfait. Once upon a time, I used to go to restaurants to have this dessert regularly. 

But nowadays, I just make it at my home with my chosen ingredients. That’s why it turns yummier and more delicious than Mcdonald’s parfait.  Hence, I thought of sharing this secret recipe with all of you. Keep your attention on my given instructions, and I hope these instructions never waste your valuable time.

Mcdonald's Parfait Recipe

Mcdonald’s Parfait Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral Cuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Simple


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I have made this item with some of the available healthy ingredients. I used various colorful fruits, fresh yogurt, homemade raspberry sauce, and fresh granola. Making this recipe is a concise step and very little time-consuming. You can also add crushed nuts and crunchy cookie items following your preference. So, let’s not lengthen the topic, just jump on the following instructions below.


  • Greek yogurt- 6 long coffee spoons

  • Fresh raspberries- 2 cups

  • Blueberries- 1 cup

  • White sugar(granulated)- 1 cup

  • Granola- 1 cup

  • Pineapples- 1/3 cup (cubes)

  • Mint leaf- a few

  • Nectarines- 3 pieces.

  • Tools
  • A Bowl

  • 3 Glasses for serving

  • A spoon

How to make Mcdonald’s Parfait

  • Prepare a raspberry sauce: Start your making process by preparing a raspberry sauce. First, have a small bowl of frozen but thawed fresh raspberries. Now, add 1/3 cup of sugar and sprinkle on them. Smash them and bring out the juice with a fork. Reserve them for adding on to the top of the parfaits.
    Prepare a raspberry sauce
  • Dice the nectarines: As you need to add some fruits on top of the meal, so, following the ingredients, you need to dice two nectarines into small cube pieces. Use a sharp knife.
    Dice the nectarines
  • Cut the pineapple: Take a whole pineapple. Use about 1/3 portions of it. Then discard the lower part and the outer edges with a sharp knife. Make sure, there are no little knobs left. Cut them into the middle, and slice them into quarter-sized pieces. You can give them any size, like, cubes, or rounds whichever you want.
    Cut the pineapple
  • Mix all fruits: When you have nicely diced all the fruits, mix them all together in a bowl. Mix fresh blueberries, diced pineapple, and nectarines. Toss them with a  spoon.
    Mix all fruits
  • Add fresh mint leaves: Add some fresh mint leaves as optional but give fresh mint flavors and greeny texture.
    Add fresh mint leaves
  • Get the yogurt into the glass: Take three serving glasses. Use a long coffee spoon and get the two spoons of yogurt into the bottom of the glass.
    Get the yogurt into the glass
  • Add raspberry sauce: Now, add two coffee spoons of raspberry sauce on top of the yogurt.
    Add raspberry sauce
  • Add the fruit mix and granola: This time you need to add a few spoonfuls of fruit into each glass. Then, add some granola (nuts, crunch, banana, berries flavor).  Just spread it on every layer of glasses.
    Add the fruit mix and granola
  • Repeat the same layers: Afterward, you have to repeat the same layer by adding yogurt, granola, raspberry sauce, and colorful fruit mix onto the top.
    Repeat the same layers
  • Serve: Now, you can serve it by allowing a drizzled honey and putting 2 pieces of fresh raw mint leaves on top of each glass of parfaits.

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Mcdonald’s Parfait Nutrition Facts:

Calories500 kcal
Calcium28 mg


This Mcdonald’s parfait recipe is especially recommended for its incredible raspberry sauce flavor. It’s a very easy process. You always feel free to apply your favorite fruits and additional ingredients as you make it at home. You can have this raspberry sauce as a flavorful ingredient of a healthy milkshake also. It is undoubtedly a perfect dessert item at any function and party. This honey-sweetened parfait not only just gives you satisfaction with tastes but also produces a great source of energy in your body. So, always feel free to have it and enjoy it with others.

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