How Long To Bake At 350 Instead Of 400

Baking time at 350 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 400 degrees Fahrenheit has become a common practice for new cooks in the kitchen. Because they are in serious tension regarding overcooked or undercooked foods. For them, this discussion is arranged.

After reading the whole article, you will understand how long to bake at 350 instead of 400. According to different sources and my observation, if you reduce the temperature from 400 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to cook 10% – 15% time extra.

If this was hard for you to understand, read the whole article to understand exactly how long you have to cook at different temperatures. Without any delay, let’s start.

Can You Cook At 350 Instead Of 400?

Yes, you can cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing that changes is the actual cooking time. You need to increase your cooking time. This was the simple answer of the question. But you need to know many things to get the best idea.

This is because based on the types of items you are baking and the type of cooking you need, the decision will be taken. For some types of baking, only 400 degrees is recommended, not more or less than this. 

If the recipe support cooking at 350 instead of 400, then you need to increase the time. Remember, some recipes need lower temperatures and a long time to bake if you are planning for that type if recipe, you need to bake only at 350.

How Long To Bake At 350 Instead Of 400

How Long To Bake At 350 Instead Of 400?

We already told you that you could cook at 350 degrees instead of 400 degrees. But you need to increase the cooking time. If your recipe asks to cook or bake any item for 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then you have to cook for 22-23 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

That means the cooking time will increase at a 10% rate. For 100 minutes of 400-degree baking, 350 will need 110 minutes. But based on the recipe and cooking item, the time will vary. If you are following this method, check whether the item is being overcooked or not. There is a chance of making mistakes.

Sometimes, temperature lowering and time increasing is not the correct method because some recipes need too much temperature and fast cooking or baking. In the same way, the opposite thing is also true.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main query was answered at the beginning of the discussion. But some tips you need regarding the cooking temperature and time ratio. They are discussed below. Hope you will enjoy it.

What Types Of Items Can Be Cooked At 400?

This usually applies to bread and cakes if the recipe asks to bake an item at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. These recipes usually work well with a higher temperature. Also, meats and tripe need more time to bake. So, they are instructed to bake at 400.

What Type Of Items Can Be Baked At 350?

Many items that can be cooked at either 350 or 400 degrees Fahrenheit can also be baked at this temperature range. This means dishes like potatoes, chicken breasts, and pork chops can all be cooked on the stovetop at 350 degrees Fahrenheit without ruining them.

Can I Bake Muffins At 350 Instead Of 400?

Yes, you can do this, but baking muffins at higher temperatures is always best. Because if you bake at a lower temperature, the top part of the muffin will stay less domed. So, 400 or 425 will be best for this recipe.


So, finally, we know how long to bake at 350 instead of 400. We discussed it from a general point of view. Because of different recipes, the idea may vary. Sometimes you may need to cook more time than er recommended here if the temperature is down.

Cooking temperature and time is very crucial for the taste of any food you cook in the oven. So, always handle it with care. Doing any mistake is enough to damage the whole recipe. That was all for today. Thanks for reading from us.

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