Greg Doucette Anabolic French Toast Recipe

Are you stuck in a breakfast rut? What is an easy breakfast to eat at home? Greg Doucette Anabolic French Toast recipe is a healthy breakfast idea that you can add to your breakfast menu chart. Below, I share the cinnamon French toast recipe without milk.

Who is Greg Doucette? He is an expert in Aesthetics, strength, charisma, and education. Greg Doucette is also a popular YouTuber who has considerable subscribers. On his channel, he uploads different healthy recipes. His French toast recipe is a viral recipe that people like the most. He dispels the common myths perpetuated by the fitness industry to help people achieve their best physiques. 

Learn how to make an excellent French toast, including what bread to use, the perfect batter, how to make French toast in a pan, and the best toppings for French toast? 

Greg Doucette French Toast Recipe

Greg Doucette French Toast Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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What is French toast? Usually, a thick slice of bread soaks in egg white, cinnamon powder, and vanilla extract. Then toasted it in a frying pan and served with syrup or anything else.
Around the world, people love to have French toast at their breakfast table. They enjoy this Greg Doucette Anabolic French Toast in different ways.


  • 10 cups Egg white

  • 10 packets sweetener

  • 1 ¼ tsp. of Vanilla Extract (For every cup of egg white, use ¼ tsp. of vanilla)

  • 10 shapes of Cinnamon (one shape for a per cup of egg white)

  • 5 packets of sugar twin

  • Pinch salt

  • P28 bread/ regular-ass bread

  • 1 cup Syrup

  • Greek yogurt

  • Tools
  • Frypan

  • Cooking spoon

  • Mixing bowl

  • Serving plate

  • Whisk

how to make Greg Doucette anabolic French Toast

  • Make egg white mix: Mix all the ingredients, including egg white, sweetener, vanilla extract, and cinnamon and sugar twin. Whip the ingredients until each ingredient mix with the other. Take 20 seconds to mix them perfectly. 
    make egg white mix
  • Put Dip the bread: Take a P28 bread piece to dip them in an egg white mix. This bread contains 260 calories and 28 grams of protein. It takes a long time to absorb egg whites. So it would help if you put this bread in egg white overnight. 
  • Cook the bread: Heat your frypan on low heat. Spray oil all over the frying pan. Then place the bread on the pan. Take another piece of bread and dip it in the egg white. Flip your bread in the egg white more than 2 or 3 times. Then after a few flips, the bread became harder to flip because it became soggy. Then grab it and put it on the frying pan. Repeat the process until you finish all the egg white. 
  • Spread egg white on top of the bread: Spread some egg white on the bread. Then allow the bread to cook perfectly on low heat. 
    Spread egg white on top of the bread
  • Flip the bread to cook each side: after a few minutes, you need to flip the bread to cook the other side. Allow them to cook each side of the bread until they become a little crispy. 
    Flip the bread to cook each side
  • Serve the bread: Remove the bread when done thoroughly, and put all the bread on a serving plate. Serve your bread with any syrup. 

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  • You can serve this toast with Greek yogurt and some fruits like blueberry and strawberry. You can also top this bread with butter, peanut butter, maple syrup, and powdered sugar. The possibilities of topping your French fries are endless, and you can top them with anything you like the most. 
  • If you have any leftover egg white mix, you can store them in a fridge. It would be best if you store them in an airtight container. 
  • How to store French toast? Let your leftover French toast cool completely, then place them in an airtight container or zip-lock bag. Store the toast in the fridge for about one to three days. Instead of using cinnamon, you can use nutmeg. 


Try out this Greg Doucette Anabolic French toast recipe. This recipe will make you the star of the breakfast table. Make your own at home, where you can transform these breakfast calorie bombs into a super healthy meal.

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