Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Steak Sandwich Recipe

A steak sandwich may seem a bit absurd idea. But, trust us, when you have a perfect steak sandwich, you will surely appreciate the distinctive taste. And when it comes from Gordon Ramsey, it’s something to relish for food lovers. 

Yes, the Gordon Ramsey ultimate steak sandwich recipe is an amazing meal with a flavorful punch and a smooth feel all around your tongue. It has a delicious and juicy combo of American beef, mayonnaise, and spicy tomato relish that just can’t go wrong. 

What’s more, the recipe is easy to cook and only need around 45 minutes. So, it can be a perfect and quick solution to your monster hunger. Here you will find the easiest recipe for this steak sandwich to meet your appetite. You may even serve it to your family and friends for a quick yet full meal during the day.

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Steak Sandwich Recipe

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Gordon Ramsey is one of the most influential and popular chefs worldwide. He has presented us with so many popular and devouring recipes. Also, the ultimate steak sandwich is one of them. Its flavorful punch coming from the mustard and smoothness from the mayonnaise will give you a great yummy feel.

So, let’s begin it.

The recipe is divided into two main parts. Firstly, you need to prepare the steak and sandwich. Secondly, you need to prepare the tomato relish sauce for the sandwich. So, we will break down the ingredients and steps for the recipe accordingly.

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Steak Sandwich Ingredients

  • For the sandwich and steak:
  • Olive oil

  • Italian seasoning

  • 700g beef fillet

  • Garlic head

  • 3–4 thyme sprigs

  • Butter

  • Sea salt

  • Black pepper (freshly ground)

  • 1 baby lettuce

  • 3 tbsp good-quality mayonnaise

  • 3 tsp wholegrain mustard

  • 12 slices of ciabatta

  • For the tomato relish sauce:
  • Olive oil

  • ½ red onion (finely chopped)

  • 2 red chilies (chopped and deseeded)

  • Red and yellow cherry tomatoes (300 grams)

  • 1–2 tsp sherry vinegar

  • Shredded basil leaves

  • Tools:
  • An oven

  • Oven-proof cooking pan

  • Non-sticky saucepan

  • Chopping tray and knife

  • Grilling pan and a bowl

how to make Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Steak Sandwich

  • Season the beef fillet – You will need a beef fillet to prepare the steak perfectly. We will use a 700g beef fillet for this purpose. Firstly, you need to season the beef fillet. Add some seasoning over the fillet. Also, add salt and pepper and then roll over the fillet on the chopping board. It ensures that the filter gets the seasoning and salt all over it. The pepper will give a unique bitterness to the beef steak.Season the beef fillet
  • Spice up the beef fillet – Now, preheat the cooking for 1 to 2 minutes and add olive oil. Once the oil heats up add the seasoned beef fillet to it. Slice the garlic head into two halves. Then add the garlic head and thymes with the beef fillet. You need to cook until the fillet turns slightly brownish.Spice up the beef fillet
  • Oven cook the spiced up beef fillet – Now, add butter over the seared and spice up the beef fillet. Then, preheat your oven at 200° and insert the cooked beef in it. You need to oven cook the beef fillet for 10 to 15 minutes. Ensure that you turn it over, so every part of the fillet is cooked properly.Oven cook the spiced up beef fillet
  • Cut the onions and tomatoes for the relish – Meanwhile, the beef fillet is cooked in the oven; you need to prepare the tomato relish. For this, cut the onions and tomatoes finely. Also, deseed and cut the chilies to add with the tomatoes to give it a nice spicy flavor. You can easily cut the chilies, onions, and tomatoes on the chopping board.Cut the onions and tomatoes for the relish
  • Cook the tomato relish – Add the olive oil to a non-stick cooking pan and heat it slightly. Now, stir the chopped chilies and onion in heated olive oil for 1-2 minutes. After that, add the cherry tomatoes to the frying pan. You need to break the tomatoes to slightly mash and feel smooth. For this, use a spatula and break the tomatoes carefully.Cook the tomato relish
  • Add the vinegar and basil leaves – The white vinegar will add a nice acidic yet smooth flavor to the tomato relish. It balances the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. Also, chop the basil leaves finely and add them with the tomato relish. Now, continue cooking them until it turns buttery smooth.Add the vinegar and basil leaves
  • Prepare the mayonnaise – In a small bowl, add 3tbps of mayonnaise. Also, add the whole grain mustard with the mayonnaise and mix them properly. The mustard mayonnaise will offer the steak sandwich a perfect punch.Prepare the mayonnaise
  • Prepare the bread – First, you have to cut the ciabatta slices of bread evenly. After that, season the cut pieces of bread with pepper. Also, sprinkle little olive oil on the bread. Now, grill the seasoned loaves of bread into a grilling pan for 2 to 3 minutes.Prepare the bread
  • Cut the cooked beef fillet – Use the knife to cut the oven-cooked beef fillet into multiple slices. Make sure you don’t cut the slices too thickly. Or else, people will have a hard time chewing it. Also, add some seasoning over the beef slices to enhance its flavorful punch.Cut the cooked beef fillet
  • Prepare and serve the steak sandwich – Finally, take out the grilled bread from the pan and add the mayonnaise on both sides of the grilled bread. Put lettuce over it, and then add the slices of the beef. On top of the steak, put some tomato relish and finally, add another piece of bread to it. Your ultimate steak sandwich is ready for serving.Prepare and serve the steak sandwich

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  • The steak sandwich is itself a proper meal with 2500 calories approximately. Thus, it is a great midday or evening meal. Also, you can serve it with coffee and enjoy the savory taste. Some will even eat it with Mexican rice, and it’s not a bad idea.


Gordon Ramsey ultimate steak sandwich recipe is easy to prepare and cook. You will love the taste of the steak along with the mustard mayonnaise and the sweetness and sour taste of the tomato relish in every bite. The sublime brunch will surely fulfill your appetite with an amazing delicacy.

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