Casa Ole Green Sauce Recipe

Casa Ole green sauce is one of the most decadently flavored recipes in the food world. It is an ever-demanding dip because Casa Ole, a famous Mexican restaurant, has served the green sauce for many years. It’s a mild-spicy dipping for dressing the top of any salad, burger, walking taco casserole, pasta, sandwich, and many more items.

This dip is too good and simple to skip making at home. It gets ready to serve amazingly with only a few fresh avocados and sour cream with some seasonings. I have tried this genuine flavor of green sauce several times recently.

I had the authentic recipe from my friend’s grandfather, a famous cook at Casa Ole. Here, I’ll write down the complete formula from A to Z instructions so that you can easily prepare this recipe for Casa Ole Green Sauce at home.

How to make Casa Ole Green Sauce Easily

Though I didn’t expect it to go up too high, I have got an incredible result following my below instructions. It delivers me the exact taste which I left before in Casa Ole. Along with some avocados, green chile, tomatoes, and a bunch of fresh cilantro with light sour cream, you can make a real casa ole green sauce recipe by yourself.

Casa Ole Green Sauce Recipe

Casa Ole Green Sauce Recipe

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Making this casa ole green sauce at home is no longer difficult. It appears to be a very simple recipe because I made it without adding salsa verde and other sauces.

If you want to use salsa verde, you can buy instead of making it.

Casa Ole Green Sauce Ingredients

  • Avocado – 4 pieces

  • Green tomatoes- 4 pieces
    or, Rotel diced tomatoes- 1 can

  • White onion- 1/ 2 pieces

  • Green chilies/ jalapenos- 4 pieces

  • Fresh cilantro-½ cup

  • Light sour cream- 16-ounce

  • Salt- 1 tsp

  • Garlic powder- 2 tsp

  • Lime juice- 2 tsp

  • Olive oil- 2 tsp

  • Tools
  • A blender

  • A saucepan

  • A bowl for serve

Making process of Casa Ole Green Sauce

  • Set all ingredients nearby: Set nearby all ingredients mentioned above: fresh avocado, cilantro leaves, green tomatoes, green chilies, or jalapenos, and a very needed item is light sour cream.
    Set all ingredients nearby
  • Process the vegetables: Now, cut the avocados and green tomatoes into two pieces. Discard the pits and peel off the avocados finely. You can use one can of Rotel diced tomatoes.
    Process the vegetables
  • Slice jalapenos or use green chilies: Slice jalapenos into two parts. Remove its pits with a knife. Instead of jalapenos, you can use fresh green chilies.
    Slice jalapenos or use green chilies
  • Roast the vegetables lightly: Roast lightly two pieces of white onion, jalapenos, or green chiles, and slices of tomatoes in the warm-hot 2 tsp olive oil.
    Roast the vegetables lightly
  •  Blend the roasted vegetables slightly: Place the roasted veggies in a food processor. Bend the items for 30 seconds.
    Blend the roasted vegetables slightly
  • Add avocado and sour cream: Add the slices of avocados. Then, add ½ cup of plain sour cream and salt, and chopped cilantro.
    Add avocado and sour cream
  • Blend it until smooth consistency: Blend the mixture until getting a creamy texture. Check the mix. If needed, add some water and blend until perfectly smooth consistency.
    Blend it until smooth consistency
  • Turn off the blender and serve: Transfer the Green Sauce to a bowl. You can garnish the green sauce over your favorite dishes like tortilla chips, taco casseroles, and burgers as a mouth-melting topping.
    Turn off the blender and serve

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For More Flavoring:

  • To make it more flavourful, you can add sliced green chilies, fried garlic – ginger, and 2 tsp lemon juice with half tsp of white vinegar. It helps to spread tart and zingy flavors.
  • Casa ole dip is always made with sour cream instead of mayonnaise, but if you want, adding mayonnaise and giving the taste more difference is completely fair.


  • In hamburger, pizza, and pasta dressing.
  • Perfect side dip for Hot dogs, sandwiches, rolls, soup, bread, and salads.
  • Prefer to use the dip to marinate the beef, chicken, and any meat you want. It hits such a Texan flavor in food.
  • To prepare creamy rice for dinner, can mix the dip with cooked rice and fry it a little.
  • Use the dip as a yummy drizzle over the fried chicken, fried shrimp along spicy fried vegetables.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving: 6 – Amount per serving

Calories300 cal
Fat32 gr

Health Benefits You Get :

  • Having green sauce can lower the risks of kidney complications,  heart complexity, and diabetes.
  • It’s gluten-free, so keep that item on the list of any kind of diet chart.
  • It extends your appetites and helps to digest.
  • Reduce the extra fat and calories.

How to store Casa Ole Green Sauce

Though the sauce lasts for 2 to 3 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator, I suggest you not store it for the next few days. Because it gets very soggy and thin, especially avocado salsa will lose its taste and flavor.


This Casa Ole Green Sauce recipe is mainly for those who want to get some new flavors of sauces without going to high-cost restaurants. Anyone can make this famous sauce and enjoy it with friends at the b.b.q party as well. It can definitely be a better choice than other typical sauces. So, don’t be late; go for it and enjoy it with all of your favorites.

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