Wheatfields Strawberry Wedding Cake Recipe

WheatFields Eatery and Bakery produces mouthwatering cakes to serve the people on different occasions and obviously, anytime the cake-lovers order. Strawberry wedding cake is their most popular bakery item for its look, color, taste, and arrangement. Even many ready-to-marry couples love to celebrate with this cake to make every moment memorable

Generally, this wedding cake comes from American bakeries. But it has already got popularity all over Europe. Still, you can make the strawberry wedding cake at home very quickly. Therefore, many recipes are available to make the cake in versatile styles. You can also decorate the cake to add a more appealing and tasty appearance.

Wheatfields Strawberry Wedding Cake Recipe

Wheatfields Strawberry Wedding Cake Recipe

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I have already said, you can pick any idea from the web or ask relevant persons to make Wheatfields strawberry wedding cake. But I have prepared this cake in the simplest manner using several ingredients. I have picked strawberry reduction to make the wedding cake in this recipe. 
You can bake the cake in a few steps from strawberry reduction to decorating the final cake.


  • All-purpose flour (14oz.)

  • Baking powder (½ tsp)

  • Baking soda (1 tsp)

  • Salt (½ tsp)

  • Unsalted butter (8oz. in room temp.)

  • Granulated sugar (10oz.)

  • Vanilla extract (1 tsp)

  • Lemon extract (½ tsp)

  • Strawberry emulsion or extract (½ tsp)

  • Lemon (1 pcs)

  • Lemon juice fresh (1 tbsp)

  • Egg whites (6 oz. in room temp.)

  • Strawberry reduction (4oz. in room temp.)

  • Milk (6oz. in room temp.)

  • Pink food color (½ tsp)

  • Strawberry Reduction
  • Thawed fresh or frozen strawberries (32oz.)

  • Lemon zest (1 tsp)

  • Lemon juice (1 tbsp)

  • One pinch salt

  • Sugar optional (4oz.)

  • Easy Strawberry Buttercream Frosting
  • Pasteurized egg whites (4oz.)

  • Unsalted butter (16oz. in room temp.)

  • Powdered sugar (16oz.)

  • Salt (½ tsp)

  • Vanilla extract (1 tsp)

  • Strawberry reduction (4oz. in room temp)

  • Equipment
  • A knife

  • An emersion blender

  • A hand mixer (or stand mixer)

  • Food Scale

  • Round cake pans (3 pcs)

  • Wire rack

  • A cake plate

  • A spatula


  • Blend the strawberries: You can blend the strawberries using an emersion blender. It will give better texture for reduction.Blend the strawberries
  • Heat the liquids: Turn on the stove and keep the heat at medium-high. Start heating the strawberry blend.Heat the liquids
  • Add some sugar: Add some sugar into the blend to preserve the taste.Add some sugar
  • Add some lemons: Add some zest and juice of a lemon to the blend.Add some lemons
  • Add a pinch of salt: Now, add a pinch of salt and frequently stir while ensuring the mixture is not burning.Add a pinch of salt
  • Reduce the heat: When you see the bubbles, reduce the stove heat to medium-low and slowly reduce. It will reduce the mixture by half quantity. The whole process will take around 20 minutes.Reduce the heat
  • Ready the thick strawberry reduction: Occasional stirring and proper heat will turn the mixture into two cups of strawberry reduction. It will look like you prepared some tomato sauces. Then, let them cool while keeping them in another container. You need to keep all the ingredients at room temperature, not cold.Ready the thick strawberry reduction
  • Take out the strawberry reduction: Bring it out from the refrigerator at least 60 minutes before you follow these steps. It will allow the reduction to match the room temperature. Set the preheat to 350°F and grease the three pans with a cake coop. Take out the strawberry reduction
  • Whisk the ingredients (liquid-type): Take a separate medium bowl, and whisk several items like milk, strawberry reduction, extracts (vanilla & lemon), lemon zest and juice, and some edible pink food color.Whisk the ingredients (liquid-type)
  • Whisk the powders: Take another separate bowl and use the hand mixer to mix flour, baking soda and powder, and salt.Whisk the powders
  • Whisk the butter: Take the butter and whisk it for 30 seconds at a medium speed till you get it smooth and shiny.Whisk the butter
  • Sprinkle the sugar: Sprinkle the sugar in the butter till you get a fluffy, whitish mixture within 3-5 minutes.Sprinkle the sugar
  • Add the egg whites: Take the egg whites and add them into the butter mix (one at a time) with 15 seconds gap per egg white. Thus, you get a cohesive mixture.Add the egg whites
  • Add the dry ingredients: You should mix the butter and dry ingredients at low speed just after adding the 1/3rd milk mixture. Do the same process twice more. Stop mixing once you see butter is blended well. Then, scrape all the bowl sides using a spatula.Add the dry ingredients
  • Divide the butter: Divide the blended butter in all the pans and even the surface with the spatula.Divide the butter
  • Bake the cakes: Take the cakes and bake them at 350°F in the oven. They will feel smooth and firm in their center within 30-35 minutes. Bring the cakes out and place the pans on the wire rack top. Let it cool for 8-10 minutes. Then, wrap all the cakes with plastic wrap and place them in the refrigerator.Bake the cakes
  • Place the first layer: Without decoration, you may consider it as regular strawberry cake. But once you decorate it properly, it will turn out as an attractive Wheatfields strawberry wedding cake. Take the cake plate and place the first layer of cake. Using a sharp knife, you can trim the top and bottom surfaces to keep them flat.Place the first layer
  • Add the reduction: It’s time to add the cooled strawberry reduction on the top surface. It will add moisture and strawberry flavor to the cake.
  • Add the buttercream: Add a layer of strawberry buttercream on the strawberry reduction. Take the spatula and make it smooth and flat.Add the buttercream
  • Decorate with fresh strawberries: Now, you can frost cake’s outside with the leftover buttercream and decorate with half-cut strawberries.Decorate with fresh strawberries: Now, you can frost cake’s outside with the leftover buttercream and decorate with half-cut strawberries.

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  • Please, keep some strawberry reduction to use in further steps like cake batter, frosting, and filling between layers of cake. Usually, you can keep the reduction in the refrigerator for seven days or six months (frozen). After bringing out from the refrigerator, you need to keep the cake layers at room temperature for several minutes. Also, you can decorate by adding some apricot jam to the strawberries to make them look beautiful and shiny.


Wheatfields strawberry wedding cake gives you an adequate taste of butter and strawberry. You can make it very easy following my instructions. Serve the prepared cake at any wedding, birthday, or anniversaries. 

Usually, the cake is considered a dessert item. But you can slice them for eating as sweet bakery items in the afternoon.

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