Mcdonalds Breakfast Sauce Recipe

McDonalds breakfast sauce recipe is a well-known and popular recipe. This breakfast sauce recipe can give a distinct flavor to any of your favorite meals. You can enjoy this creamy breakfast sauce with a wide variety of meals. 

What is Mcdonald’s? It is an American multinational fast-food chain where Maurice and Richard McDonald operate. The Breakfast sauce recipe is one of the best recipes in this fast food shop. 

You can pair this breakfast sauce with chicken or steaks, sandwiches, fish, burgers, etc. With simple breakfast sauce ingredients, you can make this sauce at home. This article will provide you with the preparation method of Mcdonald’s copycat breakfast sauce. This recipe is quite simple, and anyone can make them at home. Keep reading the article and know how to make Mcdonalds breakfast sauce. 

Mcdonalds Breakfast Sauce Recipe Copycat 

Mcdonalds Breakfast Sauce Recipe Copycat 

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Our McDonalds breakfast sauce recipe requires only three ingredients and is affordable for anyone.

Let’s discover how to make McDonald’s breakfast sauce?


  • 2 tbsp dukes mayonnaise

  • ½ tbsp yellow mustard

  • 1 tsp organic dill weed 

how to make Mcdonalds Breakfast Sauce

  • Take the mayonnaise in a small bowl: Take a small mixing bowl and add 2 tbsp dukes of mayonnaise. 
    Take the mayonnaise in a small bowl
  • Add yellow mustard: Now add ½ tbsp yellow mustard to the bowl.
    Add yellow mustard
  • Add dill weed: You should add a generous amount of organic dill weed with mayonnaise and yellow mustard.  Add dill weed
  •  Mix all the ingredients: After adding all the ingredients, you should give them a good mix with a spoon or whisk. Within 5 minutes, your sauce becomes ready to enjoy. 
    Mix all the ingredients
  •  Serve the sauce: Before serving, keep the sauce frozen for a few minutes. You can do this sauce with chicken or steak, burger, sandwich, chips.Serve the sauce

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  • You can also add lemon juice, salt, black pepper, and steak sauce with the mentioned ingredients. 


What is in McDonald’s breakfast sauce?

The McDonald’s breakfast sauce is a combination of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

How long has McDonald’s breakfast sauce been around?

McDonald’s breakfast sauce has been around since at least the early 1990s.

I don’t like McDonald’s breakfast sauce. What can I do?

There are a few things you can do if you don’t like McDonald’s breakfast sauce. You can ask for no sauce, or you can ask for a different sauce. McDonald’s breakfast sauce is usually a honey mustard sauce, but they also have ketchup and barbecue sauce.

How long does McDonald’s breakfast sauce last?

According to the McDonald’s website, their breakfast sauce has a shelf life of 7-10 days.

Can I freeze McDonald’s breakfast sauce?

Yes, you can freeze McDonald’s breakfast sauce.


Mcdonald’s breakfast sauce recipe will add a unique taste to your dishes. It is a good source of fat, sodium, cholesterol, calories, and carbohydrates. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy preparing this recipe at home. Leave a comment if you add more ingredients to this recipe. Don’t forget to mention the taste of your sauce recipe. 

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