How Long Does Banana Pudding Last In The Fridge

After you complete the banana pudding recipe at home, your first concern might be preserving this. If you plan to keep this pudding for weeks, then there is bad news for you, homemade banana pudding doesn’t last so long in the fridge. 

Then how long does banana pudding last in the fridge? From different research and our personal experience, banana pudding can last not more than 3 days in fridge. In these 3 days, this food item will go through some changes and finally will get rotten. 

But by doing some simple modification, you can increase the lifetime of banana pudding in the fridge. All these things we are going to discuss this here in this article. We hope you will enjoy this and will help this in your kitchen. So, let’s start.

How Long Does Banana Pudding Last In The Fridge?

Banana pudding is a good item to put in the fridge and eat a few days. But we think you should not plant to keep it in the fridge for more than 72 hours. Because after this time, your banana will become brown, and the pudding will lose its taste and flavor. But without caring about that, you can store this pudding for around 10 days in the fridge.

How Long Does Banana Pudding Last In The Fridge

The nature of a banana is to get brown after a few hours it is naked. So, when you are planning to use this directly in the pudding and want to use for a long time, you need to consider this. Moreover, some ingredients used in this recipe are prone to rot. In this situation, you should not plan to store banana pudding in the fridge for a long time. 

Can You Preserve Banana Pudding For a Long Time?

No, if you want to store banana pudding for weeks, it is not possible. Banana puddings that are commercially available in grocery stores and restaurants usually have preservatives added so that they will last in the fridge for a few days or even a week. But homemade versions simply don’t have those additives and won’t last as long as those prepared with additives.

And we think you may not need to place this simple-to-make banana pudding in the fridge for a long time. You can make Patti Labelle banana pudding at home using some common ingredients. This may take around 20 minutes to complete. So, why should you keep this pudding for so long in fridge? 

How To Preserve Banana Pudding For Long Time?

Usually, banana pudding does come with long life. They can last around three days in the fridge. But you can keep this around 10 to 14 days fresh following some common steps. For that, you just need plastic wrap and an airtight container.

First, wrap the banana pudding with a thin layer of fresh plastic. You can use polythene. Then place this in an airtight container. This will prevent the pudding from rotting. Then keep the container inside the fridge. This will increase the life length of your banana pudding, but how long is not sure. This will depend on many things, including the banana’s freshness.


Before you put your banana pudding in or outside of the fridge, you need to know more. Here are some questions and their answers for you.

How Long Does Banana Pudding Last Outside The Fridge?

A different scenario for banana pudding outside the fridge. You can preserve this for around 8 to 12 hours outside the fridge. You should not keep it more than this time range.

Should You Refrigerate Banana Pudding?

To keep freshness attested in the pudding for a longer time, you need to refrigerate banana pudding. But this is not a must. Also, this is not a part of any banana pudding recipe. 

Is Banana Pudding Good After 7 Days?

If the banana pudding is homemade, there is less chance of being good even after days. But to be more sure, you may take its smell and taste to justify the freshness of the pudding. It should not be good after 7 days.

Why Does My Banana Pudding Get Watery In Fridge?

Watery banana pudding is the cause of your fault in the making process. If you use an electric beater for a long time to beat them and mix them well, the pudding will become watery in the fridge.


Banana pudding can’t last for a long time in the fridge. So, when you make it, refrigerate it or put it in the freezer right after making it. Do not let it sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Moreover, you should not put the banana pudding in the deep fridge. This will ice your pudding and destroy the taste and flavor. 

That was all for today. For the recipes of many popular food items, you may rely on us because we have expert cooks who make these recipes for you. 

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