Everything You Need to know About Ghost Protein Flavor

For fitness enthusiasts looking for a protein boost, have you ever considered trying a flavor that’s not only mysterious but also delicious? Introducing the Ghost Protein Flavors, the perfect blend of nutrition and enigma. Their products are available in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Cereal Milk, Peanut Butter Cereal Milk, Vanilla Cereal Milk, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberries & Cream, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Banana. These protein powders are designed to help supplement daily protein intake for fitness and wellness goals.

You might be wondering what the best ghost protein is, how much it costs, and how it tastes. I’ll go over everything, so please allow me to walk you through what we’re going to do. We’re going to define each and every ghost protein.

Behind the brand, they’re doing a fantastic job. I don’t want to bore you guys; I want to get straight into it, so let’s get started.

Top 12 Best Ghost Protein Flavors

Explore our top list of ghost protein flavors below. Read all the info and choose the best one for yourself.

1. Ghost Whey Cereal Milk

Ghost Whey is one of the oldest protein powders on the market, and its cereal milk flavor is a classic choice for fitness enthusiasts. This article will go over the nutrition facts, flavor, and overall quality of this protein powder.

Nutrition facts: First of all, let’s talk about nutrition facts. This soy and gluten-free whey protein powder make it a good choice for those with dietary restrictions. The calories range from 120 to 140, depending on your chosen flavor. With 25 grams of protein per scoop, 5 grams of fat, and 4 grams of carbs, the nutrition profile is similar to other cereal milk-flavored protein powders. However, when it comes to protein per scoop, Ghost Whey is below average compared to other brands.

Flavor: When it comes to flavor, Ghost Whey’s cereal milk is nothing short of amazing. The flavor is true to its name, tasting exactly like the leftover milk in your cereal bowl. Some customers have even reported finding bits of cereal in their scoop.

Overall quality: Ghost Whey’s cereal milk flavor is a staple in the protein powder world. Although it may not have the highest protein per scoop, the flavour sets it apart. Ghost Whey’s cereal milk flavor is worth a try if you’re looking for a classic and delicious protein powder.

Ghost Whey Cereal Milk

2. Ghost Vegan Pancake Batter

Next, we will discuss vegan pancake batter. With four vegan options, you’ll never have to settle for bland, chalky pancakes again.

In this part, we’ll look closely at the vegan pancake batter from Ghost Vegan. Not only does it have a great taste, but it’s also better for your stomach compared to traditional pancake batter. This is because it doesn’t contain the same ingredients that can cause upset stomachs.

With only 110 calories per serving, this vegan pancake batter is an excellent option for anyone looking to stay on track with their diet. But the fundamental standout feature is the protein content. With 20 grams of protein per serving, Ghost Vegan packs 66% of your daily recommended protein intake into each serving!

Ghost Vegan’s vegan pancake batter is an excellent choice for a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional pancake batter. With a solid taste and impressive nutritional profile, it will be a hit for vegans and non-vegans. So give it a try and let us know what you think!

Ghost Vegan Pancake Batter

3. Ghost Vegan Banana Pancake Batter

Vegan banana pancake batter is up next. Okay, it’s the same as vegan pancake batter, but I’m going to give it a runner-up because I’ve tried it and it tastes low as compared to vegan pancake batter. 

But the banana flavor is far superior to regular pancake batter. It seems more varied to me. You get a bit more taste, and I can tolerate it daily.

Ghost Vegan Banana Pancake Batter

4. Ghost Whey Fruity Cereal Milk

If you like sweet and fruity protein powders, you’ll enjoy Ghost Whey’s Fruity Cereal Milk. This one-of-a-kind flavor combines the creamy taste of milk with the crunch of your favorite fruity cereal.

Nutritional information: Each serving of Ghost Whey’s Fruity Cereal Milk contains 120 calories, 25g of protein, 1.5g of fat, and 2g of carbohydrates. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to increase their protein intake while limiting their calorie and fat choice.

Ghost Whey Fruity Cereal Milk

5. Ghost Whey Oreo Protein Powder

There are lot of various options available on the market but not all protein powders are made with a good amount of healthy and nutritious elements, and sometimes they can fall short of our expectations. This is what happened when I tried the Ghost Whey Oreo.

I was disappointed when I finally got my hands on it. The protein tasted like vanilla chocolate mixed powder with Oreo pieces, but I was hoping for a more robust Oreo flavor. Unfortunately, the flavor just wasn’t there.

While the taste wasn’t what I was hoping for, I must admit that the Oreo pieces in the protein powder were a nice touch. It gave the protein a crunchy texture and made it feel like I was eating an Oreo. But when it comes to the taste, I didn’t get the full Oreo flavor I was hoping for.

In comparison to other cookies and cream protein powders on the market, Ghost Whey Oreo needs to catch up. It may be a good option for someone just looking for a vanilla chocolate mixed powder with Oreo pieces, but if you’re a die-hard Oreo fan, you may be disappointed.

ghost whey oreo protein powder

6. GHOST WHEY Protein Powder Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate protein supplements are a staple in the health and fitness world, with thousands of options available. But what sets Ghost Whey Milk Chocolate apart from the rest is its unique flavor profile. This supplement tastes delicious and provides a fantastic cereal milk feel to the traditional milk chocolate flavor.

Ghost Whey Milk Chocolate has elevated the standard of what a milk chocolate supplement should taste like. The delicious chocolate taste combines a creamy, smooth texture, making it a treat for your taste buds. If you’re looking for a post-workout snack or a guilt-free sweet treat, Ghost Whey Milk Chocolate has got you covered.

If you love the taste of milk chocolate but want to add more protein to your diet, then Ghost Whey Milk Chocolate is a great choice. The supplement is made with high-quality whey protein and contains many essential vitamins and minerals. You can enjoy this supplement daily without worrying about overloading sugar or artificial sweeteners.

GHOST WHEY Protein Powder Milk Chocolate

7. Ghost Vegan Peanut Butter Cereal Milk

The vegan peanut butter cereal milk is next on the list. Ghost Whey is known for its high-quality protein powders, and the peanut butter cereal milk flavor is no exception. However, there is now a vegan version of this popular flavor. So, in this section, we will discuss the regular whey peanut butter cereal milk and the vegan peanut butter cereal milk to see if there is a noticeable difference.

One noticeable difference between the two is the calorie content, with the vegan option having 120 calories per scoop while the regular whey version has slightly less. However, the vegan option boasts 21 grams of protein per scoop, the highest of all the flavors offered by Ghost Whey by one gram.

While the protein content may be higher, the vegan option also has a higher carb count of 6 grams per scoop. This is on the higher end compared to the other flavors offered by Ghost Whey. With only 21 grams of protein from a 35-gram scoop, the value of this flavor may be lower than some other options.

It’s important to note that the vegan option is vegan, which means it is an excellent option for those who have stomach sensitivities to dairy products.

Ghost Vegan Peanut Butter Cereal Milk

8. Ghost Whey Cinnamon Cereal Milk

If you’re a fan of cereal milk and cinnamon, you’ll love the Ghost Whey Cinnamon Cereal Milk. With its blend of creamy cereal milk flavor and spicy cinnamon, this protein powder is sure to be a hit with those who love a delicious and nutritious drink.

Nutritional facts: This whey protein powder contains 130 kilocalories per serving, with a 34.5-rounded scoop providing 25 grams of protein. With only one gram of fat and five grams of carbohydrates, this powder is an excellent option for those looking to get their daily dose of protein while keeping an eye on their calorie intake.

Ghost Whey Cinnamon Cereal Milk

9. Ghost Whey Protein Powder Nutter Butter

If you like Nutter Butters, you’ll love this new addition to the Ghost Whey lineup. The Ghost Whey Protein Powder Nutter Butters flavor is an elevated version of the classic peanut butter cereal milk and tastes just like a childhood treat. This protein powder is perfect for those who love Nutter Butter bars and want to enjoy a similar taste in a convenient form.

One of the best things about Ghost Whey Nutter Butters is how well it blends with other ingredients. This blog’s author suggests mixing it with Chips Ahoy cookies for a truly delicious snack. You can also enjoy it with milk for an incredible taste or with water for a still good but not as good taste.

However, remember that Ghost Whey Nutter Butters have a higher calorie count. A single scoop contains 42 grams of protein and 160 calories, so it may be best to enjoy it as a post-dinner dessert or a satisfying treat to help curb hunger cravings.

At $44.99, Ghost Whey Nutter Butters may seem a little expensive, but it is worth the extra cost for the taste alone. This flavor is one of the author’s favorites, and they suggest trying it if you’re looking for a delicious protein powder to add to your routine.

ghost whey protein powder nutter butter

10. Ghost Whey Oreo Birthday Cake Flavor

Oreo has been a beloved cookie brand for many years, known for its classic chocolate and cream flavor. However, their latest addition, the Ghost Whey Oreo Birthday, needs to catch up to expectations.

Despite the addition of birthday sprinkles, the increased sugar content only served to make the cookie worse. This is a rare misstep for Oreo, and they failed to improve upon the original flavor.

The author tried the Ghost Whey Oreo Birthday and was disappointed. They believe it deserves a below-average rating and that the cookie should have been hung up with the scooper. This new flavor did not live up to the legacy of the original Oreo and is not recommended.

Oreo may have been attempting to erase negative thoughts about their previous creation, but this new take on the classic cookie only disappointed me. The author will be sure to update if their opinion changes after trying it again, but they recommend avoiding the Ghost Whey Oreo Birthday.

Ghost Whey Oreo Birthday Cake Flavor

11. Ghost Whey Coffee Ice Cream Flavor

If you like coffee-flavored protein supplements, you’ll love Ghost’s Whey Coffee Ice Cream. If coffee isn’t your thing, you might skip this one. 

Its nutrition facts look promising, with 120 calories and 25 grams of protein per serving. While Ghost is known for producing high-quality whey protein supplements, the coffee flavor may be only some people’s tea. 

The author isn’t a big fan of coffee-flavored protein supplements and will likely rate this as “average.” However, coffee lovers should try it and see if Ghost’s Whey Coffee Ice Cream lives up to its reputation.

Ghost Whey Coffee Ice Cream Flavor

12. Ghost Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk

Ghost Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk is a tasty and healthy alternative to regular chocolate milk. Ghost has recently released a vegan version of this classic drink that will make your taste buds dance with joy. The best part? It’s dairy-free, making it an ideal choice for those following a vegan diet.

But how does it taste? Many people have compared it to Whey’s traditional milk chocolate flavor, and the consensus is that it’s similar. This is excellent news for those who love the taste of chocolate cereal milk but are trying to avoid dairy products.

While it’s a tasty option, it’s essential to remember that it has a high sodium content, with the second highest amount of any vegan chocolate cereal milk on the market. So, it’s not a deciding factor but something to keep in mind.

Ghost Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk


As fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our workout and nutrition regimen. Supplements are crucial in fulfilling our daily nutritional needs and improving our athletic performance. However, with so many Ghost Protein Flavor options on the market, it can be difficult to select the best one.

This blog post has compiled a list of popular supplements based on our personal experience and research. We’ve tried and tested various products and have curated a list to help you make an informed decision. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the products mentioned in the list, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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