Crawfish Etouffee Recipe With Cream Of Mushroom

Are you searching for an extraordinary main dish on your lunch table that can change your regular tastebud along with different flavors? Then you can go for the delicious meal of crawfish etouffee with cream of mushroom. It’s a straightforward and healthy dish compared to any oil-fried vegetables.

Crawfish etouffee with cream of mushroom is basically a curry of crawfish tails with herbs, spices, and mushroom soup. It is served mainly over white rice. 

Crawfish etouffee with rice made at home will provide you with a more balanced protein, a massive amount of carbs, and calories than the food from any restaurant. So, now I share the a to z of this secret recipe through this blog post. I hope it’ll help to cook correctly.

Crawfish Etouffee Recipe With Cream Of Mushroom

Crawfish Etouffee Recipe With Cream Of Mushroom

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Crawfish etouffee with cream of mushroom is naturally cooked with Crawfish tails. But if those are not easily found nearby, then you can use shrimp and chicken cubes as an alternative.

You can also use tomato-mashed if you don’t collect Rotel diced Tomatoes. But all you have to need must be the cream of mushroom soup and veggies. Here, needy items I mentioned below as you can follow the measurements and instructions in perfect cooking.


  • Crawfish tails/ Shrimp (peeled)- 1-2 pound

  • Flour- 2 tsp

  • Cooked white rice- 2 cups

  • Chicken broth- (32 oz)

  • Water – 3-4 cup

  • Green Onion leaves- 2 bay

  • Chopped Onion-1-2 piece

  • Chopped green and red bell pepper- 1 piece (each)

  • Minced garlic- 2 cloves

  • Cream of mushroom soup- 1 can (10oz)

  • Rotel diced Tomatoes(spicy)- 1 can(10oz)

  • Butter/ Oil- 2-3 tsp.

  • Chopped parsley -½ cup

  • Chopped Celery-2 tsp

  • Worcestershire sauce- 2 tsp

  • Salt and black pepper- as per taste

  • Ketchup- 2 tsp

  • Tools
  • A non-stick frypan

  • A bowl for mixture

how to make Crawfish Etouffee Recipe With Cream Of Mushroom

  • Assemble all details: To cook ideally, you need to assemble all the details close to the kitchen staff. Wash all the veggies properly with clean water. You can buy all veggies and cream-soup items in your nearest super shop or big grocery shop.
    Assemble all details
  • Cut all vegetables into bite-size pieces: After washing all the veggies, you need to cut them to your desired shape. Place two bays of green onion leaves on a chopping board and granule it perfectly. Then other vegetables like-red and green bell pepper, parsley, onion need to be chopped, and cube cut cube as you prefer. 
    Cut all vegetables into bite-size pieces
  •  Heat the pan and melt butter: Place the non-stick saucepan on the heater and pour 3 tsp butter or oil in the pan. Melt the butter and stir it for a few seconds. Make sure it’s ready to cook curry.
    Heat the pan and melt butter
  • Add veggies item and stir: Put 2 tsp of flour and stir until the creamy phase comes. Now add bell peppers cube, onion rings, minced garlic into the creamy butter, and saute for two minutes.
    Add veggies item and stir
  • Pour soup and wet items: Add the cream of mushroom soup and celery, chicken broth, and Worcestershire sauce to the mixture following the above amount. Then stir for 2-3 minutes.

    Then put in Rotel diced tomatoes, chopped parsley, and ketchup 2 tsp adding black pepper as per taste. Ketchup and black pepper extend the flavors more and give a reddish color to the crawfish etouffee.
    Pour soup and wet items
  •  Add Crawfish tails/ shrimp: Stir the mixture till it gets a creamy texture. Make sure diced tomatoes and all veggies are semi-mushed. Then add the crawfish tails or shrimps into the soupy mix.
    Add Crawfish tails/ shrimp
  • Cook it in low heat: Cook it for around 10-15 minutes. At the same time, lower the heat of the heater. And cover the pan. Simmer properly on medium-low heat. If it needs to, You can add a little water for simmering, and You should stir it occasionally.
    Cook it in low heat
  • Serving: When 15 minutes later, it’ll give a soft, tender, and juicy flavor. Just remove it from the heat. Take a plate of warm-cooked white rice. Then serve the crawfish etouffee over the rice. Spread some chopped celery as toppings on the rice. It gives fresh vibes.

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  • Never skip the ketchup and black pepper. They extend the flavors more and give a reddish color to the crawfish etouffee.
  • To get more spice, you can add some Cajun spice seasoning.
  • Having it with noodles and hot garlic bread is also perfectly delicious.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving size of 4

Values below:

Protein23-24.5 gr
Carbs80-82 g
Cholesterol215.5 mg

Health Benefits:

  • It’s a flavorful item but contains a little fat or cholesterol from shrimp and crawfish. So, it’s not much harmful to any heart disease patients.
  • Its balanced protein, pure minerals, vitamin D, and vitamin A help to firm your backbone and increase the eye brightness and strength by having it twice a week. 
  • No sugar and sweet butter are used, so diabetes and kidney patients can have the dish safely. But, following their diet chart is recommended before eating.
  • This dish is highly preferred as a healthy meal for patients and new mothers.


Crawfish etouffee recipe with cream of mushroom contains butter and shrimp or crawfish, which are an ideal source of protein and carbs. It’s creamy and textured with vegetables and different fresh herbs and spices. Crawfish etouffee never takes more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete the cook. And as you can cook it with all of your home ingredients, it can reduce your extra expense on restaurants. You can enjoy this mouthwatering meal by following my instructions above at your home.

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