Casa Ole Queso Recipe

If you are absolutely in love with hunting the delicious cheese dip or queso at your favorite Casa ole restaurant, then be sure this traditional casa ole queso recipe invites you to learn how to simply make this cheese dip queso recipe by yourself without any hassles.

Casa ole queso is such a melty, creamy, and yummy appetizer. It is basically served as a deep sauce with tortilla chips, a grilled item, or crispy tacos- nachos and burritos in any Mexican restaurant.

Casa ole queso is an excellent choice for kitty parties, get-to-gatherings, or family occasions. It’s such a straightforward as well as a pretty much amazing tasted recipe.

Now, I am going to share the whole procedure of the formula most easily. Keep your presence till the end!

Casa Ole Queso Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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Casa Ole recipe is quite simple and sharp recipe ever along with some of the hands-nearby ingredients and your stand by the cooking for a couple of minutes.

This cheese dip queso is a thick creamy flavor of cheese-gatherings, brown-chard hatch chiles, tomatoes, evaporated cream milk, and a few available herbs. If you want, you can add the ground meat as per taste.

But I skipped the meat as I followed the original recipe of Casa Ole Queso. So, here, I’ve included below all its details for your regard.


  • Roasted and peeled Hatch chile-½ cup

  • Chopped tomatoes- ½ cup

  • Chopped onions(cubes)- ½ cup

  • Minced garlic-1 clove

  • Butter- 2 tsp/ 1 hard piece

  • Evaporated Milk- ½ cup of 1 can

  • Black pepper-⅓ spoon

  • Oregano- ½ tsp

  • American white cheese grated- 1 cup

  • Monetary jack cheese grated-1 cup

  • Fresh cilantro-½ tsp

  • Salt- As per taste

  • Tools
  • A saucepan

  • A bowl for serve

how to make Casa Ole Queso

  • Gather all ingredients: Gather all ingredients nearby your hands. Gather one white onion, two tomatoes, four/five pieces of jalapenos, or hatch chiles ( you can use a packet of boiled hatches instead). Buy two different cheese bars- ‘American white cheese’ and ‘Monetary jack cheese.’ Buy one can of ‘evaporated milk’ consisting of half cream and half milk.
    Gather all ingredients
  • Roast the chiles and tomatoes lightly: Now, go for the chiles and tomatoes baking. Turn your oven on medium-high and bring the skillet from it. Place the chiles and tomatoes on the skillet and back it into the oven. Roast them for around 6 minutes until they have light brown chard areas and turn very soft.
    Roast the chiles and tomatoes lightly
  • Prepare them to cook: After six minutes, turn off the oven and bring out the skillet. Transfer the brown chard chiles and tomatoes and let them cool enough to handle. Now, chop the chiles and remove the peels with hands or a knife. Discard the chard skin of tomatoes and chop them in the same process.
    Prepare them to cook
  • Shred the cheeses with a grater: Now, It just needs to be shredded the cheeses as I prefer a half cup of American white cheese and a half cup of Monetary jack cheese. But you can use whatever kinds of cheese you like. Set the grated cheese aside for the next steps.
    Shred the cheeses with a grater
  • Melt the butter in a pan: Now, Heat a saucepan to medium-high heat on a stove. Put 2 tsp of butter into the pan and saute a few to melt it.Shred the cheeses with a grater
  •  Add chopped onions and garlic: Add chopped onions and ground garlic to the melted butter. Stir the onion continuously and soften for a cream texture.
    Add chopped onions and garlic
  • Combine chopped chiles and tomatoes: After a few minutes, Combine the chopped chiles and tomatoes into the butter-onion mixture. Saute the mixture for at least one minute to combine perfectly. Add salt as per your taste. I prefer ½ tsp of salt and ½ tsp of oregano and black peppers. Cook down a bit.
    Combine chopped chiles and tomatoes
  •  Pour in evaporated milk and grated cheese: Now, pour in evaporated milk and combine with the mixture softly. Then add the grated cheeses. Allow the stove to low medium and stir the mixture gradually. Incorporate it with milk and cook it until the cheese melts purely.
    Pour in evaporated milk and grated cheese
  • Adjust seasoning and remove: After melting the cheese fully and turning the mixtures into a creamy liquid texture, end up the cooking by checking the salt and herbs. If needed now, adjust seasonings. Spread some chopped fresh cilantro over the queso before serving.
    Adjust seasoning and remove
  • Serve and taste: Then, serve it in a bowl and taste it with your favorite tortilla chips, nachos, and Mexican tacos, or dive it over grilled chicken or beef. It flavors a bit peppery and creamy milk sweetness. Black pepper and oregano, and cilantro spread a fresh aroma at your snacks table.
    Serve and taste

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Store up for a few days.

After having the queso with food, you can store the rest of it for up to 4/ 5 days in the refrigerator in an air-tight can or box. It would be fresh, the same as now.

Store up

Nutrition facts:

Serving: 8

Amount per serving:



Casa Ole queso is a genuinely crowd-pleasing appetizer. It’s a perfect side dish with any kinds of junk foods, fast foods, crispy and grilled items, chips, nachos, etc. Its simple and quick cooking process is another plus point to make it regular or in every hang-out, party, and gathering. As there is no use of toxic or unhealthy spices, it balances the values of fast foods as well. Try out at your home and enjoy!

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