Texas Roadhouse Peach Fuzz Recipe

Do you drink cocktails? What’s more refreshing than a peach juice cocktail? It would be best to try Texas Roadhouse cocktails to ship at home all summer long. They have an available family favorite cocktail recipe. Today I want to share a homemade Texas Roadhouse peach fuzz recipe. This drink will spice up your next gathering. 

Peaches are an excellent addition to the Texas roadhouse drink recipes. Their refreshing flavor and color will appeal to you, and they are ideal for dinner party drinks or drinks on the patio. You can enjoy them anytime and anywhere.  

Texas Roadhouse Peach Fuzz Recipe

Texas Roadhouse Peach Fuzz Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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Preparing a peach fuzz recipe at home is pretty simple. Do you know how to make the Texas Roadhouse peach fuzz recipe? Scroll down below to learn the peach cocktail recipe.

Ingredients for Peach Fuzz Recipe

  • ½ oz. fresh peach syrup/ peach cinnamon syrup

  • ¾ lemon juice

  • 1 oz. Cynar

  • 1 oz. Amaro di Angostura

  • 2 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters

  • Mint

  • Garnish Ingredients Peach Fuzz Recipe
  • Dehydrated peach

  • Marigold flower

  • Mint sprig

how to make Texas Roadhouse Peach Fuzz

  • Combine all the ingredients: Take a shaking glass and combine ½ oz. Fresh peach syrup/ peach cinnamon syrup, ¾ lemon juice, 1 oz. Cynar, 1 oz. 

    Amaro di Angostura, 2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters, and Mint. Then add ice and shake them well for 30 seconds. 
    Combine all the ingredients
  •  Serve the peach fuzz: Now, your peach fuzz is ready to serve. Strain the drink mix into a double rocks glass over ice. 
     Serve the peach fuzz
  • Garnish the glass: To give them an attractive look, garnish your peach fuzz glass with a marigold flower, dehydrated peach, and mint sprig.  
    Garnish the glass

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  • How often should you drink a cocktail? It would be best if you drank a cocktail in a limited amount. Always follow the cocktail consumption rules; for example, women should drink one per day, and men can take 2. 
  • It would be best if you had a drink before dinner because drinks prepare our stomach for food and boost our inner taste capacity. 


Hopefully, you like today’s Texas Roadhouse peach fuzz recipe. Why do we love a cocktail? Moderate alcohol consumption may provide some health benefit. Cocktails boost our energy, inner tastes, feelings, and desires. It also reduces the risk of developing and dying of heart diseases. It also reduces the risk of ischemic stroke and diabetes. 

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