San Tung Chicken Wings Recipe

San Tung is a restaurant in San Francisco. It serves a famous item named San Tung Chicken Wings which people crave and love this item so much.

San Tung Chicken wing is a combination of spicy and sweet food. It is best for the person who is crazy about sweet and spicy items.

This is an item of fried chicken that is mixed with sweet and spicy flavored sauce. Its taste can satisfy your soul fully.

The recipe for this famous food is very easy. You can easily make it in your home with the ingredients which are available in the kitchen or super shops. Any occasion or any special moment can be made happy with family through this easy but tasty recipe. 

It is the quickest recipe to make at your home in daily life. Right now, among the most trending foods in the world, San Tung Chicken Wings is one of them.

Look: The looks of this meal is so amazing when it is drizzled with the hot spicy and sweet sauce.

I think your mouth is now watering. So if you want to have this amazing tasty meal then follow the instructions given below for preparing the famous San Tung Chicken Wings.

Let’s start.

San Tung Chicken Wings Recipe

San Tung Chicken Wings Recipe

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You have to complete some basic steps for starting the recipe of San Tung Chicken Wings. First, you have to wash the chicken properly with clean water. The next step is to mix the potato starch with some salt and pepper herbs. Each step should be done very carefully because all steps are very important for getting perfect crispy wings.

For making the work of preparing the food easy, you should arrange all the ingredients mentioned below on the cooking table. And all the ingredients should be measured exactly as stated below.


  • One and a half cups of potato starch mixed with some salt and pepper herbs

  • One and a half pounds of rinsed chicken wings

  • Three quarters vegetable oil

  • For preparing sauce
  • 6 cloves of minced garlic

  • Finely chopped green onions

  • 1 tablespoon of minced ginger

  • 3 tablespoons of sugar

  • 6 dried red chili peppers

  • Corn syrup

  • Low-sodium soy sauce

How to make San Tung Chicken Wings

  • Coating the chicken: The first step is coating. For coating the chicken, you have to dunk the chicken into the potato starch mixture. And tap off any excess potato starch off the chicken wing. And let the coated wings for 20 minutes so that the potato starch has enough time to set to the chicken.Coating the chicken
  • Heating pan for preparing sauce: On a medium-high flame, a medium-sized fry pan is to be heated. Then weep one tablespoon vegetable oil in the pan and heat until the vegetable oil is fully ready to fry. Now it is fully prepared for making the sauce.Heating pan for preparing sauce
  • Add Garlic: Add minced garlic in the heated oil and sauté the garlic until it is cooked properly. But it should not be burned. Be careful about it.Add Garlic
  • Add Chili Peppers: Then add dried chili peppers with the garlic and cook for one minute.Add Chili Peppers
  • Add Ginger: Now add the minced ginger and mix the ingredients and keep stirring so that the ingredients don’t burn.Add-Ginger
  • Add Soy Sauce: Now you have to turn off the heat. Then add a quarter cup of low-sodium soy sauce and about a half cup of corn syrup to the mixture. Mix them properly until the corn syrup has been fully incorporated with the soy sauce.Add Soy Sauce
  • Add Sugar: After mixing them properly, now add three tablespoons of sugar. If you prefer a sweeter sauce, then add an extra tablespoon of sugar.Add Sugar
  • Turn On Heat and Add Green Onions: Now turn on the heat back. It should be a medium flame. Now It’s time to add the chopped green onions to the mixture.Turn On Heat and Add Green Onions
  • Boil The Sauce: Now let the sauce to bring boil for one to two minutes. It will look like thisBoil The Sauce
  • Cook For 2-3 Minutes: After it starts boiling wait for about two to three minutes or until it becomes thick. You can also check the smell for becoming sure that it is going to get too thick. The sauce is ready. Now turn off the heat.Cook For 2-3 Minutes
  • Take Another Pan With Vegetable Oil: Take another pan and fill the half inches of the pan with vegetable oil. Let it be heated properly. If the oil is ready, it will be indicated by the bubbles which is come with the chopstick.Take Another Pan With Vegetable Oil:
  • Add Chicken Wings On The Pan: Now add mixed chicken wings one by one in the oil. You can put six to seven chicken wings for each batch. Be careful when putting the wings because the oil will splatter. Deep fry the coated wings.Add Chicken Wings On The Pan
  • Take Off The Wings: After 14 minutes the first batch of wings are fried perfectly. Now you have to take out the fried wings when they are golden brown.Take Off The Wings
  • Place The Wings On A Plate: Now place the wings onto a paper towel so that it can absorb any excess oil. Continue this in every batch.Place The Wings On A Plate:
  • Reheat The Sauce: Turn on the heat again. Now reheat the sauce mixture. Keep stirring the sauce mixture. You can add a little bit of water for it to get the right consistency.Reheat The Sauce
  • Mixing Wings With Sauce: Then add the fried wings in the sauce about ten pieces in each batch. Each wing must be evenly coated with the sauce.Mixing Wings With Sauce:
  • Take Out wings: Now take out each chicken wing one by one shaking off any excess sauce. After the first batch has been taken out then continue the same process for the rest of the chicken wings.

    Take Out wings

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  • It must be noticed that every wing is properly coated with the sauce.

Final words

So, you can see how easy to make this recipe is. This is one of the tastiest food and also the easiest and quickest recipe.

Here the ingredients are listed for four servings. If you prepare for more or fewer members then you can increase or decrease the quantity of the ingredients.

The most important thing that makes the chicken wings tasty is the spicy and sweet sauce. This caramelized sauce makes the food delicious.

So why you’re getting late! Follow the above steps and prepare the famous San Tung Chicken Wing at home. And enjoy your day. 

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