Puerto Rican Octopus Salad Recipes

Puerto Rican Octopus salad is a favorite name on the list of salads. You may water your mouth looking at the name. The salad is tasty and full of calories at the same time. Being a food lover, you should try making the salad at home. That’s because you are here. Arrange 40 to 50 minutes to make this salad in your kitchen.

Look: I have mentioned the easiest way of how to make the Puerto Rican Octopus salad recipe in this article. Keep special attention while choosing the ingredients. Don’t hesitate whether you can make it or not. Follow the simple instructions and go for it.

Let’s jump into the preparation. First, check out the ingredients. If anything is missing from your kitchen, buy it from the local or online shops.

Puerto Rican Octopus Salad Recipes

Puerto Rican Octopus Salad Recipes

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Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral Cuisine: SpainDifficulty: Medium


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Spanish foods are popular worldwide for their uniqueness and taste. If you are familiar with the kitchen, you should make it without any hustle. You may need some more time to prep the ingredients. Don’t worry about the time you need. Pay more attention to preparing the ingredients properly. Next, you can choose smaller octopuses to save prep time. However, you can add or replace any ingredients.


  • A middle-size Octopus

  • 2 middle size Onion

  • Bell pepper

  • 1 or 2 Tomatoes

  • Cilantro

  • Dried oregano

  • Olives

  • Olive oil

  • White vinegar

  • Lemon

  • Coarse salt

  • Tools:
  • A knife

  • A scissor

  • Spoons

  • A pan

  • A Pot

  • Water pot

Steps – how to make puerto rican octopus salad

  • Arrange The Ingredients First: I have arranged the ingredients for two servings. You can add more ingredients in the case of more servings. Arrange them on your cooking table.Arrange The Ingredients First
  • Clean Up The Octopus: Take the octopus to the sink in a pot. You have to clean it up properly for a few minutes. Add some sea salt to the water to scrub the skin.Clean Up The Octopus
  • Cut The Legs On The Sink: Take the scissor and cut the legs. It will help you to clean up the octopus properly.Cut The Legs On The Sink
  • Rinse The Octopus Properly With Water: Rinse the octopus with freshwater. Make sure you have cleaned up the legs properly.Rinse The Octopus Properly With Water
  • Put The Octopus In Pot And Start Boiling: Put the octopus in a pot and place it on the burner. Pour enough water to boil the octopus. Boil it for 30 to 40 minutes.Put The Octopus In Pot And Start Boiling
  • Roast Some Bell Pepper: Roast some red bell pepper. I like the smell and smoky taste of the salad. Make sure you have roasted both sides.Roast Some Bell Pepper:
  • Cut The Tomatoes: Cut the tomatoes with a knife. I like to avoid the seeds in my salad. Cut it into tiny pieces.Cut The Tomatoes
  • Cut the olives and cilantro: Cut the olives into two pieces. Chop the cilantro in tiny sizes.
    Cut the olives and cilantro
  • Chop The Onions: Take the onions and chop them. Make sure the onions are the same size. You are going to eat fresh.Chop The Onions
  • Clean The Roasted Bell Pepper: Clean the roasted bell pepper with freshwater. Try to remove the black spot. Clean The Roasted Bell Pepper
  • Cut The Roasted Bell Pepper And Green Bell Pepper: Cut the red and green bell pepper. Green bell pepper will add an extra flavor.Cut The Roasted Bell Pepper And Green Bell PepperCut The Roasted Bell Pepper And Green Bell Pepper
  • Mix The Ingredients: Add the veggies to a bowl and mix them. Use the spoon to mix them up.Mix The Ingredients
  • Add Other Ingredients: Add the ingredients as I mentioned and mix them properly.
    • Some crushed oregano
    • 1/2 cup olive juice
    • 2-tablespoon white vinegar
    • Half of a lemon juice
    • A cup olive oilAdd Other Ingredients
  • Make A Fine Mixture: Use the spoon to mix them up. You can add more olive oil as you choose.Make A Fine Mixture
  • Take Out The Octopus From Boiling And Clean Up: Take the boiled octopus to the sink in a pot. You should clean up the black skin. If you want, you can eat it with black skin.Take Out The Octopus From Boiling And Clean Up
  • Cut The Octopus In A Little Sizes And Add To The Ingredients: You should cut the octopus to put it into the salad. Make tiny pieces of the octopus and add them into the bowl of other ingredients.Cut The Octopus In A Little Sizes And Add To The Ingredients
  • Now, Mix Them Properly: Mix the ingredients with time. The Puerto Rican octopus salad should be ready by now.Now, Mix Them Properly
  • Ready To Serve: Serve the Octopus salad to the guest. Simply take a cup and pour it with the salad.Ready To Serve


  • If you like spicy taste, you can add chilies to the salad. In the case of choosing octopus, go with a small size of octopus so that you can clean up them easily. I have estimated my making time for the salad. You may need 5 minutes more or less while making the sala


You can serve a salad by decorating the main dish or separately. The Puerto Rican Octopus Salad belongs to a different trend. Although the salad originated in Spain, it is a favorite dish in the US. If you are being foody and usual with octopus, start cooking now.

You should not stop midway. Before starting the cooking procedure, you must be familiar with the process. Read the instructions several times and look at the image attentively. You should make it in my estimated time.

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