Mexican Candy Shot Recipe With Chamoy

If you are highly eager to get some refreshment drink in the dog days with a fresh and excellent shot, you are precisely on the right blog. Because here, I’ve shared my satisfying experience of having the Mexican Candy shot with Chamoy.

Mexican Candy shot with Chamoy is highly recommended to those who want to drink the perfect combination of fruit juice, chamoy sauce, and sweet and spicy herb powder mix.

It’s such a quick, simple, and famous drink as a potent cocktail in Mexico. This cocktail containing little tequila makes the shot strong flavored and mouth-watering. And so, you can make it easily at home with your desired fruit flavor and desired items. If you want to get a mild taste, skip the tequila and make it with Chamoy.

Mexican Candy Shot

It’s still unknown to all who exactly first prepared the Mexican Candy Shot in Mexico, but now it’s famous for its flavor variations. It’s mainly a cocktail drink of any fruit juice with chili powder and chamoy candy flavor.

Mexican Candy Shot Recipe With Chamoy

Mexican Candy Shot Recipe With Chamoy

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The Mexican Candy shot with Chamoy can be made with different kinds of fresh fruit juice or juicy-flavor. You can utilize the juices of Mango, Watermelon, Roseberry, Strawberry, or the juice of Guava as well, whichever flavor you want to make. Every shot will be named by its different flavor.

I like the Mexican Candy shot with mango Chamoy and mango juice as it waters my mouth every time. So, I’ll share the instructions below so you can easily make it at home.


  • 1 cup of Mango juice or Jumex mango flavor

  • ½ cup of Tequila

  • Mango Chamoy

  • 2 tsp of Lucas baby powder(mango flavor)

  • 1 tsp of Muecas chili powder

  • Lime juice

  • Sliced lime for garnish

  • Sugar/ sweetening syrup

  • Ice-cubes.

  • Tools
  • Shot Glasses.

  • A plate

Mexican Candy Shot Recipe With Chamoy steps

  •  Gather all needs: Gather all the ingredients besides you. If you want to make mango juice at home, make it immediately using a blender. Otherwise, it is easier to use Jumex mango flavor as you can buy it easily. And if you can’t find tequila nearby, you can skip it. It’s optional, but the shot is mainly made with tequila to add a strong flavor. But you can’t ignore the Chamoy sauce or Chamoy candy for the prominent taste.
    Gather all needs
  •  Spread out dry powders and chamoy on the plates: Take a plate and spread 2 tsp of Lucas baby powder and 1 tsp of Muecas chili powder together. It needs to coat the edge of the glass. Take another plate and pour some sauce into it. Spread out.
    Spread out dry powders and chamoy on the plates
  •  Dip the border of the shot-glass in Chamoy: Now, grab your shot-glass and dip the top margin of the glass into the Chamoy sauce over the plate. Take lime juice at 2 tsp and rub it inside the edge of the glass.
    Dip the border of the shot-glass in Chamoy
  • Coat the edge of the glass with dry powders: After that, you have to rotate the borders with spreading powders and coat the mixture deeply in the margin line of the glass again. Now set aside the glass.
    Coat the edge of the glass with dry powders
  •  Place some ice cubes into another glass: Take another glass and place some cubes of ice into it. If you don’t want cold drinks, skip them. But in cold flavor, you get some refreshments as well.
    Place some ice cubes into another glass
  •  Pour tequila into the shot glass: You need to pour a balanced amount of tequila into the glass. The proportional amount I recommend to you is to maintain the ratio of juice and tequila 2:1.
    Pour tequila into the shot glass
  • Add the mango juice with other items: In this step, pour the mango juice into the rest space of the glass. Add some sugar, salt, and lime juice as your preference. Now, shake it in a cocktail shaker or stir it until all items turn into a thick liquid shot.
    Add the mango juice with other items
  •  Serve into the shot glass: Now, it’s ready to serve in a shot glass. Take the shot glass which you have set aside. Add some Chamoy sauce to the glass. Directly, transfer the drink into the shot glass. Adorn it with a lime-wedge and mango candy-lollipop. And now, cheer the Mexican Candy Shot Recipe with Chamoy with your friends and gangs.
     Serve into the shot glass

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  • Dried mango slices can be used as topping to add extra mango flavor.
  • It can be made as alcoholic and non-alcoholic both. But we highly preferred to make as non-alcoholic, adding just a lot of fruit juice and chamoy.
  • You can easily store this shot in an airtight container in the fridge for the next two days.
  • Adding coarse sugar and chile powder is best for the drink.

Benefits you get:

  • It’s a fruit-based light drink, so the benefits you get are full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.
  • From this shot, you can get the utmost freshness on your hot days.
  • Refreshing cold sweet, and tangy flavors suddenly make you energetic and active.
  • Increasing your appetites with its spicy and tangy outer layer.

Can we skip sugar and tequila?

Yes, you can skip the sugar and tequila and add pure honey or simple syrup instead of these.

Which fruit juice is the best for Mexican Candy Shot?

The mix of mango and watermelon is the best version of Mexican Candy Shot. Using strawberry juice as a substitute is also delicious.

Nutrition facts:

Vitamin C2-3mg


Make the  Mexican Candy Shot with Chamoy as I instructed above. If you make it following my most uncomplicated instructions, I will ensure the mouth-watering taste of this cocktail.

Maintaining the perfect ratio of juice and tequila, you can be relieved from the cure of sore  throat and heart diseases. So, no more going to the bar for unhealthy toxic shots. Instead, make the healthy drink of Mexican Candy Shot with Chamoy at your home and cheer with friends. 

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