Longhorn Steakhouse Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Longhorn Steakhouse is a famous steak maker and casual dining restaurant. They make versatile side dishes to give the complete taste of the cuisine, including Brussel Sprouts. The sprouts may taste bitter when you cook them. But roasting these tiny veggies is a good idea to win over the bitterness. It makes them crispy and sweeter as their natural sugars caramelize during the roasting processes.Brussel sprouts originated in the 5th century from northern Europe. Later, the farmers started planting in Brussel, Belgium in the 13th century. That is how these veggies got their name. Consequently, the Longhorn Steakhouse Brussel sprouts recipe can be imitated in several ways, like honey, butter, sugar, and others. They taste unique from each other depending on how they are prepared.

Longhorn Steakhouse Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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We are now sharing the roasted Brussel sprouts recipe. It takes only a few minutes, yet the taste of the roasted sprouts remains unbeatable. After cutting the sprouts, place them on a baking sheet. Then, drizzle some honey and butter, and bake them in a preheated oven. The roasted veggies will taste crisp outside and tender inside.


  • Brussel sprouts (2lbs.)

  • Honey (3 tbsp)

  • Melted butter (4 tbsp)

  • Salt (accordingly)

  • Pepper (accordingly)

  • Tools:
  • A cutting knife

  • A chopping board

  • A medium-size bowl

  • A spatula

  • A baking sheet

  • Non-stick cooking spray

  • One oven (preheated)


  • Arrange the ingredients: Firstly, you should arrange all the ingredients and tools for making roasted Brussel sprouts. Wash the sprouts well to remove any dirt from them. Arrange the ingredients
  • Trim the woody edges: Usually, sprouts are sold with tiny woody edges. You can use the knife to trim them off for proper roasting and tasty result.Trim the woody edges
  • Slice the Brussel sprouts: You can slice the sprouts into half after trimming. There will be some leaves falling off; you can also add them for cooking.Slice the Brussel sprouts
  • Transfer all the sprouts: Transfer all the sliced sprouts and the leaves into the bowl.Transfer all the sprouts
  • Drizzle some butter: Drizzle the four tablespoons of melted butter into the sliced sprouts.Drizzle some butter
  • Add some honey: Like butter, you can add three tablespoons of honey to the sprouts to gain a better taste.Add some honey
  • Toss the sprouts: Toss all the bowl ingredients with a spatula until you see sprouts are evenly coated.Toss the sprouts
  • Grease the baking sheet: It’s time for lightly greasing a non-stick cooking spray.Grease the baking sheet
  • Spread the sprouts on the sheet: Evenly spread out all the coated Brussel sprouts on the sheet. Even layer of baking sheet ensures evenly cooking.Spread the sprouts on the sheet
  • Season the sprouts: After spreading the sprouts, season them with some salt for improved taste. The quantity depends on your food preferences.Season the sprouts
  • Apply some black pepper: Season the half-cut sprouts with some black pepper too.Apply some black pepper
  • Insert the sheet to oven: Turn on the oven and preheat it at 475°. Then, insert the sheet full of sprouts into it. Keep them in for about 25 minutes. They should be like fork-tender.Insert the sheet to oven
  • Bring out the sprouts from the oven: Finally, you have the side dish. Bring the baking sheet out of the oven and taste it using a fork.Bring out the sprouts from the oven

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  • Note: Honey and butter roasted Brussel sprouts are a good choice besides main meat dishes. Honey drizzling makes the sprouts shiny and attractive, whereas both honey and butter raise food to taste.


Longhorn Steakhouse Brussel Sprouts recipe is a healthy idea with the main course. You can easily make them at home. You can taste them as snack items too.

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