Jim Dandy Grits Recipe

If you don’t like grits, it’s usually because you’ve only ever had terrible ones. Now, I’m not talking to the other grits that are offered as lunch sides in high end places. 

Even in the deep South, it can be difficult to locate delicious grits for breakfast. Grits are the only breakfast item that my family will never order anywhere. Because they never want to miss Jim Dandy Grits.

Jim Dandy Grits Recipe

Jim Dandy Grits Recipe

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My family has been using this grits-cooking technique for at least four generations and possibly even longer. Actually, there is no written recipe. My mother taught me how to cook them, and she learned from her mother. 

The dish can serve a large group. And it is simple to prepare for a small family. By the way, you are welcome to give the recipe to anyone who requests it as well as your friends.


  • Jim dandy quick grits 1 cup

  • Salt

  • Butter 2 tbsp

  • Black pepper

  • Water 3 cup

  • Egg 2

how to make Jim Dandy Grits

  •  Boil Water: Take a high pan for grits to cook.  Put 3 cups of water and boil it on medium flame.
    Boil Water
  • Cook The Grits: Now add butter to the boiling water. Then add Grits slowly and stir it continuously. Add 1 pinch of salt and stir it until thickened.
    Cook The Grits
  •  Cook The Eggs: Take a frying pan, put some butter and heat it. Crack the eggs and fry them on low flame. Add black pepper and salt for taste.
    Cook The Grits
  • Serving Time: You need a plate for serving. Pour some grits on a plate. And serve with fried eggs.
    Serving Time

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Are Jim Dandy Grits Healthy?

Dandy Quick Grits cook in under 5 minutes and have a lot of country-style corn flavor. They make a quick and filling breakfast. A wonderful flavor and a creamy texture are added to Jim Dandy Grits. 

You can enjoy a wonderful meal that is healthy because they don’t have any cholesterol, saturated fats, or sodium. It has a low calorie density, which indicates that each ounce of it has few calories. a strong source of vitamin B6 and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Jim Dandy quick grits gluten free?

Ans: Jim Dandy Quick Grits are most likely not gluten-free because the product’s label states that it may contain wheat.

How do you cook Jim Dandy grits in the microwave?

Ans: Add 1/4 cup of grits and a pinch of salt to 1 cup of water in an oven-safe bowl before heating in the microwave. To prepare your grits, you need 5 minutes. 

What is the ratio of water to grits?

Ans: Take 1/4 cup grits to make 1 serving. a pinch of salt and 1 cup of water or milk. This is the perfect ratio of water for jim dandy grits. 

How many carbs are in Jim Dandy grits?

Ans: Jim Dandy grits have 34g of carbohydrates. Additionally, it has a lower content of potentially harmful ingredients, such as sugar, salt, and saturated fat.

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Final Word

My favorite choice of grits is Jim Dandy. Just for some reason, Jim Dandy grits taste better. I have no reason it’s just a matter of personal preference. You can prepare the dish and share your thoughts in the comments area.

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