How Long To Bake Pork Chops At 325

Based on pork chop size and thickness, the temperature and baking time differs. Though most recipe guides about the baking time at 325 F, but that is for themselves. You need to know how long you have to bake these chops.

How long to bake pork chops at 325? At 325 F oven temperature, you need to bake your pork chops for 25 minutes. But this is for mid-size-thickness pork. For thicker chops or bone-in pork chops, time will be added.

How Long To Bake Pork Chops

Baking temperature and time play a crucial role in baked pork chops. If you don’t know how long to bake your pork chop at which temperature, then you will not get the best taste and flavor from it. Thinking that we arrange this guide for you here. Read more to know detail about the baking time.

How Long To Bake Pork Chops At 325?

As we said before, the baking time of pork chops at 325 F depends on thickness. For different thicknesses, the time will be different. On average, the baking time for 1-inch thick pork chops is around 25 minutes. The following table will say more about the baking time of this type of chop at 325 F temperature.

Pork Chop ThicknessBaking Time At 325 F
⅓ inch18-22 minutes
1 inch22- 25 minutes
1.5 inch 27-30 minutes

This is for boneless pork chops. But if your chops have bone, then the baking time will be different. Also, you need to follow a different method of baking. Now let’s see which temperature if perfect for this chop baking.

Is It Better To Bake Pork Chops At 325 Or 400? Why?

Baking at 325 F is the most common temperature used in many recipes. However, this is not the only temperature to bake pork chops. Pork Chops can be baked at any temperature between 325-400 degrees Fahrenheit. But we think 325 is the best for the pork chop.

For so many reasons, you need to bake the chop at this temperature, not at 400 F. Among them, some are:

  • This temperature will ensure that your pork chop is evenly cooked.
  • Baking at 325 F will preserve moisture in the pork chop.
  • This will prevent the port from becoming dry or tough.
  • Baking at 400 will bake the outer side more than the inner side.

Though you can save time by baking at 400 F, the taste will be destroyed. That’s why making at 325 is best and suggested by everyone.

Do You Bake Pork Chops Covered Or Uncovered?

This is one of the most common questions about pork chops. Most people think that it’s better to cover pork chops when baking. But this isn’t always true.

If you are using an oven with a broiler setting, then it is best to leave the lid off so that moisture and heat can circulate evenly throughout the chop while cooking. This will help produce a crispy exterior crust and juicy interior without drying out or overcooking the meat. But if the oven doesn’t have a broiler setting, then you may need to bake it uncovered.

What If You Over Bake Your Pork Chops?

This is a very confusing question for many people who are serious about the baking part of pork chops. Some people suggest baking covered, and some people think uncovered is better.  But you need to have clear info about this. 

If you overbake your pork chops, the meat will be dry and tough. To prevent this from happening, cook them to the doneness that is stated on the package or recipe. If it still seems very tough after cooking, then you can place them in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes or until they are cooked through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and their answers that will give you further information about pork chop baking time.

How Long To Bake Bone-In Pork Chops At 400?

Pork chops can be cooked to the desired doneness in about 10 minutes per side if they are bone-in. But be careful to inspect the baking condition after every 10 minutes.

How Long To Bake Pork Chops At 350?

350 F is a good temperature to bake pork chops. But to get the desired doneness ok baking, you need to wait about 22 minutes. Remember, this is for the 1-inch thick chop.

How Long To Bake Pork Chops At 375?

If the oven temperature is around 375 F, you need to bake your pork chops for around 18 minutes. But we will suggest not cooking at this temperature. This is more than normal.

How Long To Bake 1 Inch Pork Chops?

For a 1-inch thick pork chop, you need to bake it for around 22-25 minutes at 325 F temperature, and around 18 minutes at 375 F temperature. If the temperature is more, bake for less time.


The best temperature to bake pork chop is 325 Fahrenheit because it is the temperature that gives you the most even cooking. This means that your chops will be evenly browned all throughout, making them delicious and tender. The downside of more heat is that it can cause your chops to become dry or tough. 

So, make sure to follow our temperature guide. We hope after reading this, you will never be stuck here. Also, your chops will become tender and soft. Some more tips and tricks are here on this site. You may read them too.

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