Herbalife Tea Bomb Recipe

You must crave something refreshing and caffeine-rich before beginning those hectic and long week days! However, I believe you are aware of the harmful effects of too much caffeine on the body! That is why herbalife tea bomb is the nicest thing you could possibly drink.

We’ll just need three ingredients to make this tea. The best part about this recipe is that every single ingredient contains less than 100 mg of caffeine. As a result, the caffeine content of each serving is less than 300 mg. It’s important to remember that the human body shouldn’t consume more than 300mg of caffeine every day. Which most of us forget and take far more than the recommended amount, causing us to gain unnecessary weight and experience extreme fatigue!

Herbalife Tea Bomb Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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Herballife tea bomb is the most effective product on the market. This tea will not only keep your caffeine intake under control, but it will also increase the rate of your metabolism. So, you will have a steady supply of natural energy throughout the day.

Hopefully, you will get all the herbalife products in your near super market. But if you live in sub-urbs you can order them from amazon or directly from their website.

Herbalife Tea Bomb Ingredients

  • ½ Teaspoon of Herbal Tea concentrate

  • 1 liftoff (I am using Lemon lime flavor but you can choose from pomegranate, orange or tropical fruit)

  • 8oz hot water (to quickly dissolve the products)

  • 3 teaspoon of herbal Aloe

  • 8oz cold water

  • Ice

  • Tools
  • A drinking mug

  • A stirring spoon

How to make Herbalife Tea Bomb at home

  • Smack the Lift off tablet and Pour it : First, smack the lift off tablet with the back of your knife or anything sturdy you can get your hands on. Then pour it into the drinking mug in which you are going to prepare the tea.

    This recipe would benefit greatly from the addition of lift off. It contains Vitamins B6 and B12, which are especially important for women since they regulate hormone levels in their bodies. Liftoff contains vitamin C and vitamin A as well. Liftoff is the key explosive in this concoction. It disintegrates like a bomb and works like a bomb as well. That is why this tea is known as Herbalife bomb tea!

    This liftoff will undoubtedly make you feel amazing. The Caffeine content of one liftoff tablet is merely 75mg. So it’s simply awesome!
    Smack the Lift off tablet and Pour it
  • Add herbal tea concentrate : Now put ½ tea spoon of herbal tea concentrate into the mug.

    The herbalife concentrate is a balanced mixture of green and black tea. It naturally boost metabolism in your body and help you burn those extra calories. You can actually burn 80 to 100 calories per serving of this natural concentrate.
    Add herbal tea concentrate
  • Add Herbal Aloe concentrate : Finally pour three teaspoon of aloe concentrate into the mix and give it a smooth stir.

    Herbal Aloe concentrate does exactly what it says. It significantly improves your digestive health. Herbal aloe soothes the stomach and helps with acid reflux, gas reflux as well as burping.Add Herbal Aloe concentrate
  • Add Warm Water: Pour 8 ounces of warm water into the cup in which you had previously combined the ingredients. Take a spoon and thoroughly combine the ingredients. Warm water will aid in the rapid dissolution of all ingredients.Add Warm Water
  • Add Cold Water: Now pour the cold water into the mug and give it the final stir.Add Cold Water
  • Add some Ice: The bomb tea tastes great with some ice in it. So, grab a few ice cubes and toss them in your herbalife tea bomb.

    There you have it! When your tea is ready, take a little sip and tell us what you think. The tea’s aftereffects will be considerably more beneficial than its taste. If you drink this bomb tea first thing in the morning, you will feel considerably more active and energetic.Add some Ice

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  • Herbalife tea bomb is mainly for health benefits. Yet, you may choose it as an alternative to your regular tea. It won’t disappoint you.


The herabalife tea bomb is fantastic because all of their products are high in antioxidants and provide the body with the nutrients it requires to function throughout the day. Antioxidants ensure that all damaged cells are repaired and that you have the energy you need.

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