Herbalife Mint Chocolate Shake Recipe

You woke up in the morning, and your stomach starts growling like a BMW engine. The experience, indeed, isn’t a good one. Thus, you have tried many protein shakes, natural remedies, and exercises. Today, I’m going to introduce to you the latest buzz in the shake recipe’s world that works magically to soothe your stomach ache and helps the digestive system superbly. 

Yes, the Herbalife mint chocolate shake recipe is a beautiful blend of protein, mint, and chocolatey feel that helps your digestion system and doesn’t look bland. Many people complain that their Herbalife shakes have a bland taste. For them, this mint chocolate shake will be a great one. 

Mint has been used since ancient times to cure bowel syndrome, relieve indigestion, improve the brain and hide lousy breathing. Also, its natural refreshing nature with the chocolate feel in the shake will be perfect for those with sweet buds.

Herbalife Mint Chocolate Shake Recipe

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Many people start their day with a protein shake. I will bring them one of the best, and easiest-to-prepare protein shakes this time. Yes, this mint protein shake with Herbalife is so yummy that you will love eating it all day. Also, it tastes like liquid without any added sugar or sweetener. So it won’t be difficult for your stomach to digest it. 
The mint flavor comes from the mint extract or natural mint you will use. It depends on what you have in your kitchen inventory. 


  • 1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk

  • 6 ounces of chocolate almond milk (Unsweetened) 

  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

  • ½ cup of cottage cheese

  • 1 Teaspoon Mint Extract

  • 2 Scoops Herbalife Formula 

  • 2-3 Teaspoons Instant Pudding Mix (optional) 

  • 1 Medium Frozen Banana (Optional) 

how to make Herbalife Mint Chocolate Shake

  • Add almond milk: Before you begin, check that the blender is clean. If it isn’t clean, you have to wash it. Then, add the almond milk to it. You may also use coconut milk or chocolate soy if you don’t have almond milk. Also, many people may not like almond milk. For them, chocolate soy works fantastically. 
  •  Add cocoa powder: After adding the almond milk, pour the cocoa powder into the blender. Alternatively, you can use chocolate chips. It allows you to choose your favorite chocolate within the protein shake. It will boost the yumminess of the protein shake superbly. 
  • Add chocolate fudge and instant pudding mix: Although adding pudding mix or instant Jello is optional, I love it. Thus, I’m suggesting you add pudding mix or chocolate fudge to the mixture. It will enhance the taste and effectiveness of the shake. Also, pudding mix brings the perfect smoothy feel you want in a breakfast meal. 
  • Add cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is high in calcium and optimal protein. It helps regulate blood pressure. Also, the cottage cheese will give the otherwise bland protein shake a slightly salty feel. It will be great in the morning for a refreshing feel. 
  • Mix mint extract or natural mint: I’m showing you the recipe with mint extract because cultivated mint isn’t available throughout the year. So, add a few drops of peppermint or simple mint extract with the other ingredients. If you have cultivated natural mint, do add it. 
  • Blend and serve: Finally, you can close the lid of the blender. Then, blend all the ingredients for the Herbalife protein shake carefully. You must blend the mixtures until they become smooth. It will take approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Blending the items for 2 to 3 minutes will be ideal if you have used mint leaves. 

Benefits of Herbalife Mint Chocolate Shake:

This shake or smoothie contains both mint and Herbalife protein powder. So, you will get outstanding nutritional benefits from it. Mint is famous for its natural curing ability for different health conditions with a soothing effect. 

Rich nutrients:

Mint is one of the most nutrient-rich food items worldwide. As scientists have found, 1/3rd cup of natural mint contains 6 calories. It also has Vitamin A, manganese, iron, and folate. So, this mint shake will be excellent during pregnancy. It will fulfill the need for iron and folate for the women expecting babies. It also has fiber for muscle development. 

Cures digestive disorder:

Many people suffer from digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). People will experience changes in their bowel syndrome due to IBS. Also, they face problems like bloating, stomach pain, and gas. 

Both mint and peppermint contain a particular type of oil that helps cure these problems. A study on peppermint oil with 700 people found that it lowered the effect of digestive disorders. So, you can take this mint protein shake and get rid of bowel syndrome. 

Relieves indigestion problem:

Do you often suffer from stomach pain and upset stomach? If so, this mint protein shake recipe can be a great choice. Mint is rich in antioxidants that help relieve an upset stomach. Also, its soothing effect will calm down your stomach. 

You should take peppermint oil extract when you suffer from an upset stomach. So, peppermint oil extract with this recipe will work wonderfully. 

Helps hide bad breathing:

Many people face terrible breathing problems. Whenever they open their mouth, you can sense a foul odor. You must drink this Herbalife protein shake recipe if you suffer from such bad breath. The presence of mint and peppermint oil extract will help you mask the foul odor from the mouth. Also, eating it in the morning will work throughout the day. So, you may enjoy odor-free breathing and speak confidently. 

Reduces breastfeeding pain:

This chocolate mint shake recipe will be a great pain reliever for new mommies. They often suffer from the sore nipple that results in immense pain during breastfeeding. Thankfully, the presence of mint extract in this shake will help reduce the pain. Plus, new mothers often experience distaste for their meals. This recipe with a chocolatey feel can also help in this cause. 

Nutritional Value of Herbalife Mint Chocolate Shake 

Nutritional Items Amount 
Calories 110 calories 
Fat 2 grams 
Protein 9.35 grams 
Carbs 23.8 grams 
Fiber 3 grams 
Sugar 9 grams 
Sodium 95mg 
Calcium 8%
Iron 18%
Vitamin A25%
Vitamin C25% 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What goes well with mint chocolate?

You may try different chocolates with mint to prepare this recipe. You may choose Nutella, pecans, butterscotch, hazelnut, etc., and chocolates with a mint shake. Each of these chocolates has different flavors that add a different feel to the recipe. 

Why is mint chocolate so good?

The mint brings a refreshing and energetic feel, and chocolate induces a richness for this protein mint shake recipe. So, people worldwide enjoy the richness and refreshing taste of the mint chocolate shake with Herbalife protein powder for health benefits. 

Is mint chocolate shake healthy?

The mint chocolate shake contains vitamins A, C, iron, folate, calcium, and slight manganese. All these items help in body development. Also, it soothes your stomach and gives you a refreshing feel. So, it is perfectly alright for your health. 


Herbalife mint chocolate shake recipe is great for lowering bowel syndrome, excellent for new mothers, and a great smoothie. You may try this recipe with various chocolates to get your perfect flavor. The natural mint and peppermint extract will calm your body. Thus, you will enjoy a refreshing and energetic feel throughout the day. So, try this recipe and let us know how you enjoyed it. 

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