Herbalife Iced Coffee Recipe

Herbalife coffee is a high-protein coffee mix. To give you an authentic coffee taste, this coffee is made with real coffee beans. It is a nutritious and healthy weight-loss snack. It also helps to improve your well-being and general health. In this article, you will learn Herbalife iced coffee recipeToday I want to share the ways of making high-protein iced coffee. 

The protein of this coffee is vital to maintaining a healthy diet plan. Herbalife coffee nutrition facts help sustain muscle recovery, build body muscle tissue, and maintain lean muscle. 

However, Herbalife coffee can boost energy levels at any moment of your day. It is a perfect drink for morning and afternoon.  You can prepare this simple coffee recipe within 1 minute or less. Let’s learn all the steps of this instant coffee recipe. 

Herbalife Iced Coffee Recipe

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You can prepare this coffee recipe at home coldly or hotly. You can have this coffee once a day to power yourself throughout the day. Herbalife coffee benefits also satisfy you because per serving of this coffee contains 15g protein, 100 calories,2g sugar, 80mg caffeine, low fat, and no added colours and artificial flavors. 

Herbalife Iced Coffee Ingredients

  • 2 scoops of Herbalife coffee mix

  • 1 Shaker cup/ Blender

  • 250ml cold water

  • 4 to 5 piece ice cubes

  • 2 scoops of Herbalife coffee mix

  • 250ml hot milk, or 250ml warm water

  • 1 scoop F1 pumpkin spice mix


  • Cold Herbalife Iced Coffee
  • Fill Shaker Cup with Water: take 250 ml cold water and fill the shaker with this water. Not fill up to the top of the shaker cup.  Fill Shaker Cup with Water
  • Add Coffee: Now add 2 scoops of Herbalife high protein iced coffee. Add Coffee
  • Add Ice: You can add 5 to 7 piece ice cubes. But it is better to avoid too much cold if you have an allergy problem with cold.
    Add Ice
  • Shake the water: After adding coffee with cold water, close the shaker cup and gently shake the cup until coffee powder perfectly mixes with the water. If you don’t have any shake cups, you can blend them for 5 seconds at a low speed. Enjoy 2 servings per day
    Shake the water
  • Hot Herbalife Iced Coffee
  • Plug on Your Blender: Now for making a hot coffee you need to take a mixer blender to blend all the ingredients of hot Herbalife coffee. You need 2 scoops of Herbalife coffee mix, 250ml hot milk, or 250ml warm water, and 1 scoop of F1 pumpkin spice mix
    Plug on Your Blender
  • Place all the ingredients in the Blender: Now time to mix all the ingredients. So, add 2 scoops of Herbalife coffee mix, 250ml hot milk, or warm water, and 1 scoop F1 pumpkin spice mix. Close the blender and blend it for 10 seconds at a low speed. 
    Place all the ingredients in the Blender
  • Serve the coffee: After making the hot coffee serve them in a coffee mug. To get the extra flavour or health benefit, you can also sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the top of your coffee. Enjoy 2 servings per day.
    Serve the coffee

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  • This coffee is considered a high-protein drink. Although protein is very healthy for our body, you may need to limit your protein, if you have kidney disease. Because consuming too much protein, may cause waste to build up in your blood. As a result, your kidney may fail to remove all the waste of your blood. However, healthy people’s kidney function does not affect by higher protein diets. But always take advice from your doctor or dietician before following any protein diet.  Although it is considered a coffee recipe for weight loss, it is not keto-friendly. 

Health Benefit of Herbalife Iced Coffee

Herbalife iced coffee recipe is one of the best ways to consume drink without excess calories or fat. With Herbalife iced coffee powder, you can enjoy coffee without sacrificing the delicious taste of the coffee. Herbalife protein coffee powder is popular because of its additional health and functional benefits beyond caffeine. 

  • Herbalife protein iced coffee powder is best for weight loss management systems. 
  • This protein iced coffee may enhance your workouts. If you intake this coffee before exercise, it will help to improve your muscle contractions and resistance to fatigue. 
  • This coffee recipe will help you to meet your daily protein requirements. 
  • It will help to boost your metabolism function in your body. 
  • They are suitable for both the summer and winter seasons. In the summer, you can consume cold coffee to relax in warm weather, and in the winter, you can drink hot coffee to keep you warm. 

Possible Downside of Herbalife protein Iced Coffee

Coffee with protein powder may benefit those who don’t take breakfast. But it will not work for those who eat a balanced breakfast with regular coffee.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Herbalife iced coffee have caffeine? 

Yes, Herbalife high-protein iced coffee contains 80 mg of caffeine per serving. Usually, caffeine helps to energize our bodies differently. 

What are the key ingredients in Herbalife high-protein iced coffee?

High protein iced coffee house blend contains instant coffee powder, natural flavors, creamer, sea salt, sucralose, and Xanthan Gum. It also has milk powder.

On the other hand, high protein iced coffee mocha contains instant coffee powder, cocoa, creamer, Xanthan gum, natural flavors, sea salt, milk powder, and sucralose.

Is Herbalife iced coffee good for me? 

Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Why does your body need protein? Protein helps to carry oxygen throughout the body in your blood. It also helps to boost your energy level, helps to make antibodies that fight against infection and illness, and helps to keep cells healthy and create new cells. Herbalife protein iced coffee is a nutritious snack to refresh your mind and body. Protein also helps to build muscle tissue, maintain lean muscle mass, and give you energy. Herbalife iced coffee powder is made from real coffee, and no artificial color or flavors is added to this powder. 

Is Herbalife iced coffee safe for pregnant women? 

During pregnancy, women should restrict caffeine consumption. The American Association recommends limiting caffeine intake to about a minimum of 100mg and a maximum of 200mg daily. If you are pregnant, I recommend reviewing the product level with your healthcare provider before using this product.

Is Herbalife iced coffee safe for children? 

No, this product is designed for adult use only. As this product contain caffeine so children should avoid this instant coffee powder. 

Is Herbalife protein coffee good for weight loss? 

Yes, protein is considered the aid of weight loss. Protein helps to keep you fuller for a long time because it helps to satisfy hunger. It contains fewer calories and sugar, which helps to control your weight.  

Does Herbalife protein powder make you gain weight? 

Yes, too much protein consumption may lead to weight gain. So, avoid protein intake from your daily diet. Excess protein will help to grow muscle, which leads to an increase in extra weight. 

What is the downside of Herbalife products? 

Although Herbalife product is a good protein supplement, it has several health side effects, including jaundice, liver injury, pale stool, nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, and tiredness. So before consuming Herbalife products, you should take suggestions from your family doctor. 

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Finally, I would like to say to maintain a healthy lifestyle you can have this coffee once a day with your meal. This healthier tasty Herbalife iced coffee recipe will not compromise your nutritional goals.

Please let me know if I skip anything of this recipe. If you know other recipes for this coffee, please feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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