Herbalife French Vanilla Shake Recipe

A healthy life requires a healthy diet and punctuation in life. We may not continue a fixed diet and arrange a time to take care of our present health condition. Adding a simple shake to our daily routine may work well. Herbalife French vanilla shake is a great choice for weight loss and boosting instant energy.

You can make the shake within 5 minutes with no effort. Just arrange milk, vanilla flavor, ice cubes. Then, put them into the blender. Seems easy, no!

Go through the steps below to have the formula 1 recipe in the easiest ways. Pay attention to the level of calories and protein. If you need more protein and energy add more ingredients to the drink.  You should go with these simple ingredients if your target is weight loss.

Let’s have a quick drink for 5 minutes.

Ready ! Go!

Herbalife French Vanilla Shake Recipes

Herbalife French Vanilla Shake Recipes

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Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral Cuisine: FranceDifficulty: Easy


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The mentioned ingredients carry 170 calories and 17g of protein. You can add more ingredients to increase the number of proteins and calories. Adding other ingredients may change the taste and color of the shake. On the other hand, to make it stronger, you can add Herbalife formula 1 powder in the shake. In that case, you should reduce the volume of the milk. You may not need more than 2 minutes to arrange the materials in your kitchen. Go through the steps below and have a healthy shake.


  • 8-oz milk (Non-fat)

  • 2 scoops formula 1 vanilla

  • 3-5 Ice Cubes

  • Tools
  • A mug

  • A blender

how to make herbalife shake for weight loss

  • Arrange The Ingredients: Arrange the mentioned ingredients on the cooking table. You should get them into your kitchen. The blender should have enough power to break the ice. Measure the milk and other ingredients as per my list.Arrange The Ingredients
  • Pour The Milk On The Blender: Pour 8-oz milk on the blender first. Make sure the blender is clean. You can increase the volume of the milk regarding your instructor’s opinion.Pour The Milk On The Blender
  • Put The Vanilla Flavour On The Blender: Pour the vanilla flavor into the blender. Don’t forget to measure the flavor.Put The Vanilla Flavour On The Blender
  • Pour The Ice Cubs: At last, pour the ice cubes into the blender. If the ice cubs are larger in size, break them into pieces. Try to make the ice cubes smaller.Pour The Ice Cubs
  • Blend It For 2 To 3 Minutes: Cover the top of the blender and press the power button. Blend it for 2 to 3 minutes. It should mix up the ingredients by this time.Blend It For 2 To 3 Minutes
  • Pour The Mixture On The Mug: Pour the Herbalife French vanilla shake into your drinking mug. Drink it now.Pour The Mixture On The Mug

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  • To make the shake stronger, you can add extra ingredients. Before adding anything, measure the exact volume. You should not think about the preservation of this shake. Try to make it on time when you need a shake. You can take it twice a day.


To keep your health tight and fit, you should take healthy shakes regularly. Herbalife french vanilla shake recipes takes only 5 minutes to be ready. I would suggest you go with homemade shakes so that you can see whatever you are putting into the shake. I have mentioned only three ingredients for the shake. You can add other ingredients like ready vitamins and formula powder in the shake to increase the volume of vitamins and minerals. The French vanilla shake is itself a bloomy shake that provides you energy in just a minute.

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