Herbalife Cinnamon Roll Shake Recipe

Herbalife cinnamon roll shake is one of the quickest and high protein-based recipes as an ideal breakfast. We often taste Herbalife cinnamon roll made with Herbalife mix items. And it’s tasted amazing. But now, you will know about the Herbalife cinnamon roll shake, which is the most excellent source of balanced protein and power of boosting.

Herbalife cinnamon roll shake contains meager calories, low cholesterol, balanced protein, and carbs. It’s a total sugar and gluten-free natural ingredients mix.

Herbalife cinnamon roll shake will never leave you remaining hungry.

In addition, it’s a flavorful and hungry satisfying ideal meal for anyone.

The healthiest item ever!

Herbalife Cinnamon Roll Shake Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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Herbalife cinnamon roll shake mix is prepared with vegan, paleo,dairy-free, and sugar-free elements. Experts suggest not to add any sugar or artificial sweetens. You just need to add some fresh Saigon cinnamon which brings out an actual organic flavor of cinnamons. So, don’t be late anymore. Let’s go for making Herbalife cinnamon roll shake following easy methods.


  • Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Vanilla Protein Mix-2 scoops

  • Herbalife Nutrition Cinnamon roll flavor mix-1 scoop

  • Saigon cinnamon- 1 tsp

  • Low-fat milk / Unsweetened almond milk/ water-250 ml

  • Ice cubes-½ cup or as you desired

  • Butterscotch pudding mix-1tbsp

  • Some crushed peanuts

  • Sugar-free caramel syrup-1/2 tsp

  • Tools
  • Blender or a shaker.

  • Glass or Shake-container.

how to make Herbalife Cinnamon Roll Shake

  •  Pour liquids into a blender: Use a high-speed blender for blending. So, clean your blender and pour 250ml Low-fat milk / Unsweetened almond milk into it. You can also pour water instead of milk.
     Pour liquids into a blender
  •  Add ice cubes: To drink a cool and fresh cinnamon roll smoothie, you must add some ice cubes. And you can also crush the ice cubes finely and then add them to the blender.
    Add ice cubes
  • Place dry mix package: Now, you need to take out all dry mixes and add them. So, Place 2 scoops of Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Vanilla Protein Mix, 1 scoop of Herbalife Nutrition Cinnamon roll flavor mix, and 1tsp of pudding mix into the shaker jar or blender. And the essential part is to add 1 tsp of Saigon cinnamon. It provides pure organic flavors to the shake.
    Place dry mix package
  • On your blender at high-speed: After mixing all items on your blender at high-speed. Blend now properly until the shake gets a smooth, thick, and creamy texture. A few times later, untie the lid and check the consistency. If you want, you can add any ingredients like more milk or powders, etc., according to your choice.
    On your blender at high-speed
  •  Transfer it into a glass: When it becomes your perfect consistency, then off the blender and transfer the shake into a glass. Pour 2 tsp of sugar-free caramel syrup into it as it spreads the flavors, sinking into the bottom of the shake.
    Transfer it into a glass

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Top with some peanut crushed as the topping of cinnamon roll shake, And end your decoration with a sprinkle of Saigon cinnamon grounds. Now, your Herbalife cinnamon roll shake is ready to drink as your ideal breakfast.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 8 oz


Why should you try this shake:

  • You can make this shake in less than 4 minutes. Every ingredient is ready-made, and you don’t need to prepare any extra stuff.
  • It offers you a wholesome package of nutrients with high protein, balanced calories, gluten-free elements, low carbs, and less hidden-sugar filling snacks.
  • The shake significantly impacts pregnant women and working ladies to increase their hunger and enhance their strength.
  • Kids will get their lost attention towards studying and never get sluggish and stressed. Having a glass of shake enriches the critical thinking capacity of all.


Can we add some cheese and yogurt?

Yes, you can. You can add some melted cheese and two scoops of plain low-fat yogurt if you desire. Blend and make a thick smoothie.

How can we use the drink as a winter shake?

You can easily have it as your winter shake also. You must skip the ice cubes and add the hot water instead of the ice and cold water. It would be great fun on your cold winter nights and a foggy breakfast.


Herbalife cinnamon roll shake mix is also preferred to make cinnamon roll ideally. But the cinnamon roll shake is highly recommended for its mouth-watering tastiness and easiest-to-make purpose. As it contains a complete package of healthy ingredients, it enhances our body stamina and boosts our power in no time.

So, no more talks. Just start your morning with a Herbalife cinnamon roll shake as the healthiest and most delicious item of your breakfast.

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