Herbalife Chai Tea Recipe

If you are already habituated with Herbalife mix items and at the same time have much fondness of tea then these helpful writings of Herbalife chai tea recipes are only for you. Herbalife chai tea recipes provide balanced nutrition, antioxidants supports, and a boost of power.

Herbalife chai tea concentrate contains caffeine which increases our body’s metabolism sharply and enhances our thermogenic activity. And it is also a great source of pure organic flavor with other natural tea spices flavors.

Herbalife chai tea highly supports the maintainers of the weight loss program.

No health-toxic ingredients are contained in it. Because Herbalife chai tea concentrate is already prepared with healthy and natural ingredients. No additional sweets or artificial sugar isn’t used in it.

Herbalife Chai Tea Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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Herbalife chai tea recipe can be made in many ways. And every recipe is as quick as simple to make. Whether you can drink it warm or cold, every recipe is short-timing to make. It just depends on the methods. The more you follow methods, the more you get the perfect taste. 

Here, I would share with you some of a few recipes made of Herbalife chai concentrate mixed in different flavors. So, follow the procedures and enjoy it in a hurry.

HERBALIFE HOT CHAI TEA (Redberry / Strawberry flavor) Ingredients

  • ½  tbsp of Herbalife Tea Concentrate (any orange flavor)

  • ½ tbsp of cinnamon powder

  • ½ tbsp of ground ginger

  • 1 cup of water

  • Lemon slices for aroma

  • Sugar (as you prefer)

  • Herbalife Cold Chai Tea (Redberry / Strawberry flavor) Ingredients:
  • ½  tbsp of Herbalife Tea Concentrate (any chai flavor)

  • 1 cup normal water

  • 1 cup of ice cubes

  • Redberry / Strawberry cubes

  • Sugar / Honey(as you prefer)

  • Herbalife Green-Chai Tea Ingredients:
  • ½  tbsp of Herbalife Tea Concentrate (chai flavor)

  • ½ tbsp of Green tea( flavor of choice)

  • 1 cup warm water or cold water ( as you want)

  • Some Mango aloe or ripe berries.

  • Sugar / Honey(as you prefer)

how to make Herbalife Hot Chai Tea (orange/ lemon flavor)

  • Add ingredients into boiled water: Take a pot and have 500 ml water in it and boil it for around 2 minutes. Then transfer the hot water into a cup. Add ½  tbsp of Herbalife Tea Concentrate orange flavor, some sugar as you want or you can skip any kind of sugar. Put ½ tbsp of cinnamon powder and ½ tbsp of ground ginger into the mixture. 
    Add ingredients into boiled water
  • Stir 2 minutes: And then gradually stir the boiled water mixture until all wet items dissolve.
    It takes a few minutes to bring out the exact texture.
     Stir 2 minutes
  •  Intensify the aroma: Now, you can place a slice of lemon or a slice of orange on tea. Leave it for a few seconds to spread a fresh aroma and deep lemon flavor as well. Thus, it is perfectly ready to drink.
     Intensify the aroma

  • How to make Herbalife Cold Chai Tea
  • Gather all ingredients: Need a cup of normal water and gather all ingredients nearby. Now, mix  ½  tbsp of Herbalife Tea Concentrate (any chai flavor) with water and add some redberry/strawberry cubes. It tastes very amazingly mouth-watering. Mix it properly for around 2 minutes.
    Gather all ingredients
  •  Make more tasty: Mix 1 tbsp of honey or sugar if you prefer some sweetness. And then, add some ice cubes before drinking.
    Now, let it absorb for a few minutes then have it with full freshness on your hot days. 
     Make more tasty
  • How to make Herbalife Green-Chai Tea
  •  Mix all ingredients and stir: Place a cup of warm water on the table and start one of the easiest chai tea recipes following instructions. Add ½  tbsp of Herbalife Tea Concentrate (chai flavor) and ½ tbsp of Green tea( flavor of choice) into the boiled water or ice-cool cold water. Stir it very sharply as it turns into a thick liquid tea. 
     Mix all ingredients and stir
  • Test the flavor: Just test the flavor and add or skip any ingredients of your choice. 
    If it tastes too bitter then you can add some mango aloe or some pure honey. It takes your green tea to a different level of deliciousness.
    Test the flavor

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Herbalife Chai Tea items are prepared as healthy and delicious natural ingredients which help to boost your energy immediately as well as helps to lose your extra weight. Experts also mention that Herbalife Chai Tea incredibly burns belly fat. They also suggest drinking  tea every morning at home. As it has many flavors, you can enjoy the different tastes of different flavors.

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