Herbalife Banana Caramel Recipe

Herbalife Nutrition Company has produced such a healthy balanced protein mix for those who need to boost their energy and make themselves keep fit always. A very high protein and balanced calorie Herbalife banana caramel shake is undoubtedly an ideal breakfast for every health-conscious person.

Within just 10 minutes, you can get the ultimate package of nutrition. The easiest way to make a delicious, as well as healthy item, is a banana caramel shake. As balanced protein and consisting full of nutrition makes our body stronger and reduces heart disease.

So, the Herbalife banana caramel shake plays a very vital role in a healthy diet as it produces stamina rapidly. It sounds much more delicious and provides an ideal meal in a day.

Herbalife Banana Caramel Recipe

Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral
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Many kinds of tasty meals you can make with the Herbalife banana caramel shake mix. But from my experiments, I love to suggest you try this item once a time at least. It would satisfy your hunger and change your mouth taste as well. Just gather the items below and make the Herbalife banana caramel shake following instructions.


  • Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Banana Caramel-2 scoops

  • Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 vanilla/ chocolate shake mix-2 scoops

  • Ripe Banana- 2 pieces

  • Low-fat milk / Unsweetened almond milk-250 ml 

  • Ice cubes-½ cup or as you desired

  • Some peanuts

  • Sugar-free caramel sauce-2 tsp

  • Making tools:
  • Blender or a shaker.

  • Mixing bowl.

  • Glass or Shake-container.

How to make Herbalife Banana Caramel

  • Mix all dry ingredients: Before blending, you need to take a mixing bowl. Now, 2 scoops of Formula 1 Banana Caramel and 2 scoops of Formula 1 vanilla/ chocolate shake mix combine very neatly in the bowl. Add some peanuts to the mixture.
    Mix all dry ingredients
  • Blend and turn into a milkshake: Now, take a shaker jar or blender. Pour 250 room tempered milk into the blender jar. Put down the dry mixture and 2 ripe bananas into milk. Add some ice cubes and turn on the blender. Blend it for 2 minutes. Ensure the mixture is combined very well and give it a thick liquid banana milkshake.
    Blend and turn into a milkshake


When making the shake is properly done, turn off the blender and take it out of the blender into a glass or a shake container. Top up some nuts, shredded coconuts, and bananas in it. Add 2 tsp caramel sauce to get a sweetening flavor and colorful texture. 

Now, it’s prepared to drink as your breakfast or as a delicious dessert.

Health benefits you get:

  • Its high protein is necessary to build the blocks for many cellular components.
  • Carbs, fiber, and protein help maintain your muscle mass and produce your muscle tissue in a healthy way.
  • Its low cholesterol and low saturated fat can reduce the chances of kidney and heart diseases.
  • Daily having one glass shake with moderate exercise can help one get high energy as well as lose weight.

Is the shake harmful to diabetics?

No, absolutely not. This shake is entirely harmless to diabetics if they have it without sugar and syrup. Daily 1 glass is good for them, but not more than one glass daily. Shake formula 1 contains fructose which is mainly carbs, and pure organic honey.

Does it burn belly fat?

Yes, it has the capability to burn belly fat, especially it works fantastic when you’ll drink it before exercise. It boosts your energy and lessens your fat without reducing calories.

Be concerned about:

  • Sometimes drinking over the shake can be harmful to all, especially pregnant mothers and kidney patients. 
  • Those under treatment for high diabetes, tissue repairs, and digestive issues should consult their doctor before drinking the shake more than once a day.

Nutrition facts:



Leading a healthy life as well passing your days over on tasty meals . Herbalife banana caramel shake is the perfect choice to have daily. A perfectly smooth and light dessert shake is the worth-trying item of any weight loss follower. So, make it taste this at any time of the day and enrich your energy fast.

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