Herbalife Baked Goods Mix Recipe

If you’ve  flexibly started a balanced diet health journey then, Herbalife baked goods mix food is one of the most suitable meals for you in the long run. People who maintain a diet chart also can keep any item of Herbalife baked goods mix food in their diet chart. You can enjoy many snacks made with Herbalife baked goods mixes like waffles, pancakes, donuts, and milkshakes as well. Every item is very easy to make.

Herbalife baked goods mix is one of the most nutritious products of Herbalife Nutrition Company. It is a global company based on producing health-beneficial nutritious mix powder. Herbalife baked goods mix foods boost our energy and bring out the best result to do our daily activities.

You can also make many delicious breakfasts with the Herbalife baked goods mix. From my childhood, I am very fond of protein-baked goods waffles as my delicious snacks and sometimes breakfast. Usually, we don’t want to take regularly nutritious food thinking it’s not as tasty as fast food.

But now I want to let you know that Herbalife baked goods mix waffle is one of the most delicious foods I ever have had! I recommend to all of you try once this easiest recipe if you haven’t tasted it before.

Herbalife Baked Goods Mix Recipe

Herbalife Baked Goods Mix Recipe

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Herbalife baked goods mix waffle is genuinely an easy-to-make recipe. To make these delicious snacks neither you need to run to the market nor spend any high expense.
Just need some home ingredients and elements for cooking this most nutritious food. Gather all the needs and cook the recipe following the steps below.


  • Protein baked goods mix- 2 scoops.

  • Formula 1 (whichever flavor you want) – 2 scoops.

  • Whole wheat flour – 1 tbsp

  • Baking powder – 1 tbsp.

  • Egg – 1 piece.

  • Milk- 1 cup.

  • Oatmeals- 1 cup.

  • Coconut / Olive oil- 1 tbsp.

  • Salt- ½ pinch.

  • Some fresh fruits.

  • Maple syrup- 2tbsp. 

  • Sugar-free caramel syrup or any kind of syrup – 2tbsp. 

  • Tools
  • Waffle maker.

  • Cooking spray oil.

  • Spatula or a spoon.

how to make Herbalife Baked Goods Mix Recipe

  • Combine protein goods mix: Take a mixing bowl and combine 2 scoops of Formula-1 Healthy Meal (nutritional shake mix) with 2 scoops of Herbalife protein baked goods mix powder very finely. This mixed powder turns into a healthy boosting powder together.
    Combine protein goods mix
  •  Mix other dry items: Mix the other dry items with the mixture of protein mix powder. Add 1 cup of oatmeals, 1 tbs of flour, and 1 tbs of baking powder to the mixture. Use a spoon to stir the mixture well. Then turn it another mix.
    Mix other dry items
  • Make a batter: For making a smooth batter needs another mixing bowl. Then beat a non-frozen egg including 1 cup of milk and 1 tbsp of oil with an eggbeater. Give into a pinch of salt as per taste and add some sugar for sweetening as you prefer. Otherwise, you can skip sweetening with any artificial sweets.

    Put all the dry items into this wet batter and mix it gradually with a fork.
    Stir it at a stretch until perfectly blended. Turn it into a thick and creamy batter so it has no lumps inside. Finally, ensure the batter is well combined and taste its salt and sweet.
    Make a batter
  • Bake the batter: Now, follow the baking step properly. Turn on your waffle maker or a non-stick frypan. Spray the iron base of the waffle maker with little non-stick oil. Let it preheat for about 2 minutes. 
    Check if the waffle maker is ready to bake the batters then pour the batters onto the tray of the maker and spread the mixture gradually into the full tray with a spatula or by a spoon.
    Bake the batter
  • Take it out of heat: Let it cook for 5 minutes and wait for the sign of cooked. When your waffle maker gives the green signal of cooked, turn off the maker and take it out of the heat.
    Thus, you can gradually make 2-4 waffles with this amount of batter. The standard size you can give is 2-4 inches per waffle.Take it out of heat
  • Serving time: Now, put it down to a plate from the iron tray and let it cool for a few minutes. At room temperature decorate it by your choice. Add some fresh fruits like strawberries, blackberries for embellishments, and spread the honey or maple syrup onto the waffle for sweetening taste. You can have it with Sugar-free caramel syrup also, so it will no longer be harmful to your health.
    Serving time

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  • If you want to avoid sugar, you can skip sweetening with artificial sweets.
  • You can also use a blender to make the perfect batter. If you don’t have it, stir the batter in a bowl at a stretch until getting creamy that has no lump inside. Otherwise, the dish loses its smoothness.
  • You can use a non-stick frying pan instead of the waffle maker.

Does it have any dietary restrictions?

As all the ingredients are nutritious and vegan, and gluten-free, there is no chance to have any dietary restrictions. Those who have any allergic issues can also have the items safely. Rather it keeps good and healthy your digestive system.

Is it suitable for all?

Yes, this item is completely good for all. Children benefit most from this because they get all the nutrition without artificial meals. As well as, this recipe is very sound and favorable for working people and pregnant women to enrich their high strength.

Be Conscious:

  • If you have any allergies to oats, milk, and eggs, consult a doctor and make sure your health condition before having the waffles.
  • Though the waffles are completely vegan and gluten-free, we highly recommend that pregnant mothers ensure their food habits, dieting, and digestive capacity.
  • If you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high sugar issues, this item is not much good for you.

Nutrition Values:

Herbalife baked goods mix per waffle contains:

Total Calories90-100
Total Fat 3-4% (2.5g- 3.59g)
Sodium21%-25% (480mg-580mg)
Total Carbohydrate5%-7% (6g-19g)
Protein30%-45% (15g-22g)
Vitamin and minerals20-22 

Benefits You Get:

  • An healthy and balanced diet snacks for regularize.
  • Contains full of high protein.
  • Enhancing stamina immediately.
  • Improves the immune health system.
  • Very beneficial to diabetic patients as it’s a sugar-free recipe.
  • Healthy ways of weight loss programs.


Herbalife baked goods mix waffle is an ideal high-protein-based food. It helps the most to the people who want to lead a healthy life as well as like to eat tasty, crispy toothsome food. Nowadays it’s often tough to get any healthy recipe that everyone wants to taste over and again. Herbalife baked goods mix waffle is one such easy-to-make recipe. 

Herbalife baked goods mix waffles would be an appetizing snack from kids to young in your family.

So, Don’t forget to try this recipe today and let us know how much you enjoy the Herbalife baked goods mix waffle.

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