Fruity Pebbles Protein Shake Recipe

Nothing beats the yumminess of a fruity pebbles protein shake when you have a sweet tooth and crave a delicious smoothie. The protein powder of this shake will meet your nutritional requirements, and the fruity part satisfies your appetite. 

Moreover, the fruity pebbles protein shake recipe is easy for everyone. This recipe is more than an average milkshake, containing high-protein powder and many seasonal fruits. Plus, the recipe is an excellent solution for a grumbling stomach. 

In our today’s recipe tutorial, we will show you the best way to prepare this yummy shake to enjoy your perfect breakfast. Also, we will discuss what type of protein powder and fruits you should use for this brilliant shake. 

So, let’s jump into the preparation technique if you want something tasty yet highly nutritional protein shake.

Fruity Pebbles Protein Shake Recipe

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A fruity pebbles protein shake is an easy-going recipe. Also, this recipe gives you the luxury to include almost anything. Here, we will show it to you with milk, yogurt, and protein powder. We will also use bananas and pebbles to enhance their delicacy. 

Its fruitiness will also boost the smoothness of the shake. So, it becomes even more ideal for people with unsettled stomachs due to the soothing effect.


  • 1 cup of milk

  • 1/2 cup of yogurt

  • 1 banana

  • 1 scoop of protein powder

How To Make Fruity Pebbles Protein Shake

  • Add milk and yogurt: At first, add the yogurt and milk to the blender. You may pour the milk into the cup or small bowl to measure it correctly. Then, turn on the blender and smoothen the milk and yogurt mixture. You need to blend it only slightly. 
    Add milk and yogurt
  • Add bananas: Now, add bananas with blended milk and yogurt. We have shown you the recipe for Dole’s Chef-Ready Sliced Bananas. You may use fresh bananas for this recipe. If you use fresh bananas, you should slice it thinly. It will help the blender mix it quickly.
  • Add protein powder: Now, choose your favorite protein powder. Add a spoon o half cup of the protein powder to the milk, yogurt, and banana. You may also add crushed pebbles with it optionally. Also, you can even use Keto ice cream and peanut butter if you want an even better shake.
    Add protein powder
  • Blend and serve: Finally, you can blend all the ingredients in the blender. You need to mix the ingredients until they become smooth and soft. You can serve it in a glass or smoothie-serving bottle. Plus, you can also decorate the shake by spreading a few peanuts over it. 
    Blend and serve

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Types of Protein Powder You May Mix With Fruity Pebbles Protein Shake

There’re many types of protein powder available on the market. So, which one should you choose for this outstanding shake? Of course, it will depend on your taste buds. However, you shouldn’t also ignore its nutritional value. If you want to gain quick muscles, you will need a specific type of protein powder. And for weight gaining, you will need another protein shake. 

  • If your target is to recover and boosts muscles fast, you should choose whey protein. This protein is milk-based. Also, it has a fast absorbing facility for a soothing feel. 
  • Sometimes you might want to meet the amino acid deficiency in your body. For this, choose a protein powder made using egg white. It will have all nine types of amino acids essential for the human body. 
  • The hemp protein is derived from plants. It is rich in amino acids and fats to meet your muscle development. 
  • For increasing positive effects and boosting muscle health, you may choose protein powder made from multiple plant-protein. 
  • For fat losing and aiding muscle development in a quick time, you should prefer casein protein. It is another milk-based protein that goes well with this recipe. 
  • At times you need protein to improve your body composition. During this time, protein powder made using brown rice will be an incredible choice. 
  • Lastly, pea protein powder will be good for meeting the fiber requirement of your body. It is mainly made with yellow peas to promote your body’s fullness. 

What Can I Mix With Fruity Pebbles Protein Shake Recipe?

We have shown the preparation of this fantastic recipe with milk and yogurt. Also, we have used bananas. Yet, you can try out the recipe with almost any seasonal fruits and milk-based ingredients. So, let’s see what else you may mix with your shake for a superior breakfast. 

Peanut butter:

Nuts are famous for their earthly flavor and high amount of calories. As you use peanut butter, its sweetness and less flavorsome taste will offer you a perfect soothing feel. It has high health value with a little lousy effect on your body. Alternatively, you may add almond butter too. 

Seasonal fruits:

Seasonal fruits contain natural sugar. It is helpful for those who don’t want to mix artificial sugar into their shakes. Also, fruits are low in calories. Hence, it will boost your healthy muscle development. Depending on the season, you can easily add your favorite fruits to the shake

You can try mangoes, grapes, watermelon, etc. fruits. 

Cocoa powder:

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, many people must refrain from eating chocolates to maintain their health. The good news is now you can add the cocoa powder with this fruity pebbles protein shake to meet your appetite for chocolates. 

The cocoa powder will only intensify the taste of the shake without adding extra calories or fibers to the shake. So, it won’t affect your body at all. 

Milk and yogurt:

Milk is always a preferable choice for shakes, thanks to its high protein presence. However, many people have milk intolerance. So, they won’t like adding milk to their protein shake. In such cases, you can try out yogurt too. Yogurt is also rich in protein. It doesn’t contain the bacteria that cause milk intolerance in many people. 

Also, it adds an extra layer of depth and calmness to your protein shake. 


Instead of using sugar or artificial sweetener in your protein shake, you should use honey. It boosts the nutritional value of the protein shake. Also, honey helps muscle development with natural fiber without any adverse effects. 

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional ItemsAmount
Sugar 8.5g
Vitamin A890 mg
Vitamin C93mg


The fruity pebbles protein shake recipe is a great one to fulfill your protein, carb, and fiber requirement. Also, it is an easy recipe for all. Even if you are trying it the first time, the protein shake will come out ideally for sure.

Hence, wake up in the morning and prepare this tasty delicacy in less than 5 minutes to enjoy the fullness. Also, it will keep your body energetic for the whole day. So, you will love its taste and fullness simultaneously. 

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