Chrissy Teigen Salmon recipe

It’s one of those recipes that you cook so often that it becomes natural and easy to you.

Salmon is a favorite in our house, and I eat it at least once a week. I’ve tried a lot of different versions, but while Chrissy’s favorite will always be this one, this new one is mine.

Chrissy Teigen Salmon Recipe

Chrissy Teigen Salmon Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral Cuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


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Scorching and baking it skin-side up makes the skin extra crispy. I’d never cooked salmon this way before, but Chrissy Teigan advised me to, so I did. And now I’m encouraging you to put your faith in her. It was cooked to perfection.


  • Salmon fillet 4 pieces

  • Salt

  • pepper

  • Chilli garlic sauce 1 cup

  • Whole grain dijon 2 tbsp

  • Sweet chilli sauce ⅔ cup

  • Olive Oil

how to make Chrissy Teigen Salmon

  •  Season The Fish: Take salmon fillet season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
     Season The Fish
  •  Prepare The Sauce: In a bowl take All sauces and whisk it together.
    Prepare The Sauce
  • Cook The Salmon: Take a frying pan. Put some olive oil then add sauce mixer. Gently stir the sauce. Then add marinated salmon filet. Cook for 2 minutes. After that you shift the cooking pan into the oven to bake. 3-4 minutes of baking will be enough.
    Cook The Salmon
  • Serve The Salmon: After baking take a plate and put cooked salmon on it. Serve it hot.
    Serve The Salmon

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Final Word:

We all know Chrissy Teigen is amazing. She has a delicious cookbook called Cravings that includes some incredibly simple recipes. One of her salmon recipes provided the inspiration for the meal. She is a huge fan of spice.

My daughters, on the other hand, do not. So I toned it down a little and kept it a little sweeter. And let me tell you, even with the modifications, it’s still fantastic! Preparation takes only a few minutes, and cooking takes only a few minutes. It’s so simple!

I served mine with rice and sauteed vegetables, and it tasted delicious. I am confident that you will like this recipe as much as I did.

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