Old Fashioned Wassail Recipe

Do you want a warm and hot cider drink that never gets tired of giving you entertainment in your cold weather? If Your answer is affirmative, you have just arrived at the right blog. Because here I am going to talk about the fantastic warm-up drink‘ Old Fashioned Wassail’. 

It is always fresh, hot, and young. The Old Fashioned Wassail recipe is kind of the mixture of various types of fruit juice with a few spices and turns out to be an ultimate wholesome drink which hit a lot in winter. This one is the original recipe of the famous cookbooks of ‘Old fashioned’ in America. 

The drink made up of different flavored juices is a wholesome package of minerals and enough vitamins in one cup. So, I let you know about this warm and savory drink along with its steps and ingredients. Let’s begin to learn below and go for making fast.

Old Fashioned Wassail Recipe

Old Fashioned Wassail Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral Cuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Simple


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This delicious Wassail is nothing difficult or uncommon. Rather, it is just an easy recipe with some common ingredients and a few simple steps. It takes just a few juices- apple juice, orange juice, apple cider, sugar, tea, and cranberry juice. And your favorite juices are also preferred. The most necessary ingredient is cinnamon sticks and cloves. They’ll bring out the expected natural red wine color and a mild spice fragrance.


  • Unsweetened tea- 6 cups.

  • sweet tea- 2 cups.

  • Cranberry juice – 6 cups.

  • Apple cider- 6 cups.

  • Sugar – 2 cups.

  • Orange juice- 3 cups.

  • Lemon juice- 1/4 cup.

  • Salt- 2 tsp.

  • Broken Cinnamon – 5 sticks.

  • Lemon slices- per shot one.

  • Tools
  • A large saucepan

  • A spoon

  • Glass/ shot

  • Cheese cloth

how to make Old Fashioned Wassail

  • Set the ingredients: Set all the ingredients you need to prepare the wassail. You have to manage first, apple cider, cranberry juice, tea, orange juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cheesecloth, and additional items.
    set the ingredients
  • Mix the two different teas: Pour 6 large cups of unsweetened tea into a large pan. Then, add 2 cups of sweet tea to this one.
    mix two teas
  • Add cranberry juice: Now, add 6 cups of cranberry juice to your same measurement cup.
    add cranberry juice
  • Allow apple cider and orange juice: Next, allow 6  cups of apple cider and 1.5 cups of sugar.  Then, add 3 cups of orange juice to them.
     allow apple cider and orange juice
  • Put lemon juice and mix: Now, put 1/4 cup of lemon juice and 2 tsp of salt. Add 1/4 cup of sugar again. If you want to get less sweet, then avoid the sugar. No need to add more things.  Mix up together finely.
     put lemon juice and mix
  • Knot the cheesecloth: Then, you need to unroll the cheesecloth and cut it down in half or as you need. Then keep some broken cinnamon sticks and 1 tsp of cloves. Fold up the cloth and tighten strongly. Give it a tight knot.
    knot the cheesecloth
  • Drop into the wassail: Now, drop this sachet spice bag, into the wassail. Turn on the stove, and cook it in the lowest flame. Sink the bag in the pan until the wassail turns into red-wine color. Simmer it for around 1.5 hours.Drop into the wassail
  • Transfer and serve: Transfer the wassail after getting the perfect color and flavors. Now, let it warm enough to drink. For garnishment, you can put some lemon slices onto the cup of wassail. A few chopped celery and lime leaves can be added for freshness vibe.
     transfer and serve

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Nutrition Values:

Values are given below with total servings and amount per size:

Total serving12
Serving size1 glass
Calories150 kcal
Vitamin A70 iu
Vitamin C25 mg


This Old Fashioned Wassail Recipe is perfectly granted to every kind of holiday party, hangout, gatherings, and late night b.b.q winter party. This item is mosy served for the welcome of the guests. It keeps your heart cool and warms your body. Every sip of the drink makes you get the feeling of a warm hug from your mother in your cold weather. Let’s warm up the cold days with the ‘Old Fashioned Wassail’.

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