Kitchen Boss Tomato Sauce Recipe

 really tired of looking for an extraordinary and traditional spicy tomato sauce? Then, you don’t need to look more. Here, I am going to share with you such kind of fabulous sauce Kitchen boss tomato sauce which origin is basically Italian red tomato sauce. 

But at present, all over the world, almost every well-reputed restaurants make this sauce and use also as an additional cooking ingredient and spicy snack item. This delicious recipe is now an unavoidable part of any kitchen’s menu. 

Its tastes and aroma bring the actual tender seasoning flavors. The uses of its possibilities have no bounds. Just a spoon of this sauce can change your tastebuds all of a sudden. Anyway, I do now jump into the recipe steps so you can learn it easily and make it without any fuss.

Kitchen Boss Tomato Sauce Recipe

Kitchen Boss Tomato Sauce Recipe

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Recipe by Lindsay G. Cabral Cuisine: Italian, AmericanDifficulty: Medium


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Making this Kitchen boss tomato sauce is completely a straight-out recipe requiring a few basic ingredients and some spoonfuls of fresh herbs. It doesn’t take a lot of cooking time, rather a couple of minutes and attention. Start off the recipe by cleaning the tomatoes and finish the steps by storing up the homemade sauce. Keep watching below, and follow the steps properly.


  • Fresh red tomatoes: 6 lb.

  • Onions: 2 pieces.

  • Fresh basil leaves: 4 leaves.

  • Minced garlic: 1 tsp.

  • Olive oil: 2 tsp.

  • Black pepper: half tsp.

  • Salt- as per taste.

  • Vinegar- 1 tsp.

  • Tools
  • A blender

  • A saucepan

  • A bowl for serving

how to make Kitchen Boss Tomato Sauce

  • Cut the tomatoes: Bring 6 lb. of fresh tomatoes. Wash them finely. Then, Cut the tomatoes into quarters.  Remove their seeds and pulp.
    cut the tomatoes
  • Saute onions gently: Chop 2 pieces of onions. Take a saucepan. Pour 4 tbsp of olive oil. Heat the oil at medium-high heat. Place the onions in it. Saute them finely using an iron crust spoon.
    Saute onions gently
  • Add tomatoes and basil leave: After 3 to 4 minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, and 2 tsp of salt into the pan. Stir the curry for 2 minutes.
    Add tomatoes and basil leave
  • Splash them: Uncover the lid of this pan and splash them using a hard stick. Low the heat of the stove so, the babbling stops. Now, keep smashing them gently.
     splash them
  • Transfer to a food processor: After 10 minutes,  transfer the smashed tomatoes into a food processor. Work on them well as it gets thickened up together and removes the large chunks.
    Transfer to a food processor
  • Strain all the sauce: Keep rounding out the ladder of the food processor. Always be conscious about putting the warm sauce into it. Turn the handle repeatedly until all sauce is rinsed and strained.
     strain all sauces
  • Final cooking: Now, you need to turn on the stove again. And heat the saucepan with 1 tsp of olive oil. Add 1 tsp of minced garlic. After 30 seconds, pour the mashed tomatoes into the pan. Stir for 3 minutes on high heat.
    Final cooking
  • Check the seasonings: Last, check the thickness and the seasoning of the sauce. If needed add salt and sprinkle a pinch of salt and sugar or honey (if you prefer sweetness).  Cook for 20 minutes until getting the creamy thickness.
    Check the seasonings

Recipe Video

Store Process:

If you want to use this yummy sauce further, you have to add 1 tsp of vinegar to the sauce during the cooking period. After that, let it be completely cool. And preserve it in an airtight jar. Keep the jar in the refrigerator. It will be doing well for around 2 months.

Nutrition Facts:



The more you give attention, the more your sauce gets fussy and yummy. The various methods you can follow to make this dip. And it even gets a better version than any other stored tomato sauce. In the homemade process,  it is maintained its nutrition and taste values at the same time. So, Instead of buying the sauce, you should make this delicious Kitchen boss tomato sauce recipe by following the easy steps.

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