Kentucky Bourbon Slush Recipe

The Kentucky bourbon slush is a delicious summer beverage. There are so many recipes online that I’ve seen, but I don’t think mine is too sweet. It is called A long island iced tea with bourbon. 

All summer long, I keep some in the freezer. Bourbon Slush is definitely a favorite at our Holiday gatherings. An icy mixture of fruity juices, tea, and bourbon whiskey is served with lemon-lime soda on top. It takes some time, but it’s worth it.

Kentucky Bourbon Slush Recipe

Kentucky Bourbon Slush Recipe

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A delicious frozen beverage called Bourbon Slush will make your guests the center of their own tiny get-togethers. Although it takes some time to freeze, the frozen sweet drink may be made quickly. It is ideal for any occasion. It has strong bourbon flavors and is a smooth drink.


  • Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate 1 Can

  • Frozen Lemonade Concentrate 1 Can 

  • Pineapple Juice 1 Can 

  • White Sugar 1 ½ Cups 

  • Strong Brewed Black Tea 2 Cups

  • Bourbon Whiskey 2 Cups 

  • Lemon-Lime Flavored Carbonated Beverage 1 Bottle

how to make Kentucky Bourbon Slush

  • Mix Juices: Combine the orange juice concentrate, lemonade concentrate, pineapple juice, sugar, tea, and whiskey in a sizable basin or container. 
    Mix Juices
  • Freeze The Mixer: Then Place the liquid mixer in plates or shallow bowls, and freeze overnight. Take the frozen mixture out of the freezer and give it a 10-minute standing time. 
    Freeze The Mixer
  •  Serving:  For a slushy texture, chop with a wire whisk or potato masher. Pour the lemon-lime soda on top of the frozen slush. Serve it in glasses.

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What Variations Can I Make To Bourbon Slush?

With all honesty, this recipe is great and it is. The ginger ae gives the slush the ideal, delicate ginger flavor. You may change this up and use Sprite or 7-up. For a slightly different flavor, you may also prepare an orange or lime simple syrup instead of lemon. 

You could also make an orange simple syrup, like I suggested before, and add some Lime juice or cherry juice to give it a more traditional old-fashioned flavor. You can also decide how strong or weak to make it. It will freeze more as you make it weaker. Reduce the cranberry juice by half for a more pure Bourbon flavor.

Frequently Asked Question

What bourbon is made in Kentucky?

Ans: Nearly 70 distilleries in Kentucky’s Bourbon Country produce the majority of the world’s bourbon. Kentucky’s natural way and climate are ideal for producing bourbon.

What is the difference between bourbon and Kentucky bourbon?

Ans: You may have heard that a whiskey must come from Kentucky in order to be classified as a bourbon. That’s not totally correct, as bourbon can be produced anywhere. The liquor must be made and aged in Kentucky for it to be called a “Kentucky bourbon.”

Why is Kentucky bourbon special?

Ans: Kentucky’s water is “hard,” which refers to its high pH and high mineral content, particularly calcium and magnesium. These substances work well for distillation. These minerals are adored by the bourbon yeast. The distinctive, crisp Kentucky bourbon that we know and love is made possible by their help in the fermentation process.

Is bourbon healthier than beer?

Ans: Especially lovers of bourbon. It really can benefit your skin and hair, just like all whiskeys. Additionally, the beverage has fewer calories than beer.

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Final Word

It’s a sneakily strong beverage that doubles as a cold dessert, but please, avoid the impulse to spice it up by using top-shelf whiskey or freshly squeezed juice in place of the concentrate. Simply get into the holiday spirit and store some of this Delightful treat in your freezer.

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