Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea Recipe

“Healthy Tea” what is the thought after hearing this word??

I don’t think its tasty enough, it must be a terrible taste tea like green tea or black tea without sugar. But it’s not with when you choose the Herbalife healthy pink starburst tea. Just one sip, and then you will realise what you have drunk, it’s so fruit and tasty that you will drink the whole glass without any hesitation.

I have tried many so-called healthy teas, and trust me, most of them didn’t work. Some worked but tasted so bad that I had to give up. Then I heard about this healthy tea and thought of trying once. Glad I did that; it taste so good and also works.

But it takes a little effort because it’s not the same as other tea. Here you will have to use a few Herbalife products, and the making process is completely unlike a regular tea. In addition, it’s not hot tea; it’s a kind of protein shake. 

So what are you thinking now? Would you like to hear more about the Herbalife pink starburst tea recipe? 

It’s very simple. I have divided the recipe into five simple steps. If interested, you can jump below and learn more about this tea’s benefits and how to make it home within a few minutes.

Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea Recipe

Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea Recipe

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Herbalife pink starburst tea is a delicious and refreshing drink that can help you feel energized and refreshed. And making this drink is so simple. You will need Herbalife collagen powder, wild berry beverage mix, watermelon and raspberry mix, and a few  more ingredients. 
Don’t need to blend or cook anything; just add, give it a stir and drink; that’s it. You can enjoy this tea as a shake or tea with snacks, as you want. But I don’t think you will need a snack. A glass of Herbalife pink starburst tea can satisfy your little hunger. Let’s explore the full recipe.
The recipe we shared above may seem like a little lengthy process to make a tea, but not one. Just try it once; its taste and benefits will ensure you forget the effort you must put in to make it. It is worth your efforts.


  • Warm water

  • Coldwater

  • Two scoops Collagen 

  • Two scoops of wild berry beverage mix 

  • One scoop of watermelon flavor 

  • One scoop of raspberry favor 

  • Three capsules of the aloe or just a tablespoon of cranberry aloe 

  • One teaspoon pomegranate green tea with Herbalife     

  • Two teaspoons pink starburst

  • Tools
  • One jug, 

  • Large spoon

  • Ong serving glass

  • Ice for serving

How to Make Pink Starbust Tea

  • Add Warm Water: Take a jug, add some warm water like ¼ part of the glass you will serve the tea. Add the beauty powder collagen. Take two scoops of collagen powder and add in the warm water.
    Add Warm Water
  • Add Herbalife Wild Berry Beverage: After adding collagen, now add two scoops of wild berry beverage mix. If you don’t have this, you can add one scoop of watermelon flavor and one scoop of raspberry flavor. These will change the taste slightly but won’t affect so much, and the protein intake will be the same as the wild berry beverage mix.
    Add Herbalife Wild Berry Beverage
  • Add Herbalife Cranberry Aloe and Pomegranate Green Tea: If you have cranberry aloe capsules, add three capsules; if you don’t have, add one scoop of Herbalife cranberry aloe. Now grab the Herbalife pomegranate green tea and add one teaspoon of it to the jug. Adding all the ingredients is done, now all you have to do is mix all these ingredients properly. Ensure all the ingredients are brak down and diluted property.
    Add Herbalife Cranberry Aloe and Pomegranate Green Tea
  •  Add Cold Water: Add ¼ part of the serving glass cold water and give it another stir to mix properly. 
    Add Cold Water
  • Make a Pink Starbust drink: Take your long-serving glass, and fill it with as much ice you want. Pour the mixed tea into the serving glass. Done? not yet.
    Take another ¼ part of warm water, add two scoops of pink starburst in it and stir to dissolve everything. Add ¼ amount of cold water to it, give it another stir, and pour in the serving glass. That’s it! 
    Make a Pink Starbust drink

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Why Should You Try Herbalife Pink Starbust Tea

Herbalife pink starburst tea is a great way to start your day. It is a special category of Herbalife low-calorie drink that is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan friendly. It’s a sweet and fruity beverage made with delicious Herbalife flavors. It has collagen,  wild berry, watermelon, raspberry flavor, and much more to make the drink tastier. 

Not only does this drink taste amazing, but it also has some helpful benefits for overall health.

This delicious and satisfying blend is rich in antioxidants which are essential for maintaining good health. Plus, it promotes general well-being, supports brain function, and boosts Memory & Learning. At a saying, this Herbalife drink helps to live you a more relaxed life by reducing your stress level and improving your overall health. 

This healthy and delicious drink will increase your energy level and makes you more active to stay on track with your fitness goals by not letting your appetite to feel hungry all day long.

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid using hot water; you just need lukewarm water that your hand can bear.
  • If you don’t like the wild beverage mix flavor, use the alternative products or any other flavor you want. 
  • Ensure all the ingredients and dilute before serving into the glass. Glass will have ice, so you can’t give it another mix after pouring into the glass.


Whether you want to lose weight or improve your overall well-being, Herbalife pink starburst tea is the perfect drink. It cleans your body and makes your body refreshed and reenergized than before. So, from now whenever you want something nutritious and refreshing that will give you all the goodness your body needs, you must try out the Herbalife pink starburst tea today! 

And by following the Herbalife pink starburst tea recipe I have shared above, you can make it within a few minutes without getting confused. As I have mentioned, the alternative ingredients are as well. So make and try it once, and you will realize how good it feels!

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